Last buffet for Ramadhan 1427H

The closing of Ramadhan at KL this year is rather a very good one. Emilia Basri, Public Relation Officer of INTEKMA Resort & Convention Centre has invited my for a free ramadhan buffet for 2, since I help her to put INTEKMA Ramadhan Buffet in the buffet list that I put on my blog earlier. Anyway, that’s very kind of her.

I always find the road system in Shah Alam is quite confusing. With so many sections, junctions, roundabout sub road, I always confuse with how to get around there. Printing the map from INTEKMA Resort & Convention Centre website makes it easier to get there.

Upon receiving there, I was greeted with the lush & green landscape of the resort. Make a call to Emilia, and she came after that greeting me and my friend, and bring me to the buffet area.

The buffet area is quite nice actually, surrounding the pool area, where the food station also surroundin the pool.

Then Emilia bring me around the buffet area. Again, that’s very kind of her despite being busy with other guests. This is the speciality of the Ramadhan buffet here – “Nasi Kawah”

Next stop is the main dishes area.

There’s also “bubur lambuk”,

“apam balik” that is freshly prepared,

“murtabak” which is also freshly prepared,


fried noodles,

and many others that I didn’t have chance to take photo. Judging from the price, this is quite a good bargain for the price of RM35 nett. Believe me, they have so many choices of food which usually, you only get this kind of foods selection for the price of more than RM50 elsewhere.

So, here is the first round of the food for me and my housemate fast breaking today.

And finally, thanks Emilia for the invitation. Really appreciate that.


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