Manic Monday, Buka Puasa, Jigsaw Progress

Came to the office at 7:15am, mainly due to the fact that I haven’t look at creating the Macro/Program what can easily prepare OCBC Bank Giro payment fixed width text file.

Quickly fire up Visual C# and create a simple and quite shabby program that does it. It’s shabby but it does really help me a lot where processing 3500+ records just took me 2 secs to finish.

Then Digi called, about their DST CC project, saying that Abdullah’s team is not in the Viewssummary hierarchy and they cannot forward calls.. Hhhmm. What’s wrong now. Check the original file that I received from Digi. Nope. No sign of Abdullah’s team anywhere. Then Digi sent me the revised file that they sent to Lee Kiow last Friday. Obviously I’m not ‘CC’ed, and I’m not aware too of the additional team. Then quickly update the TBLLookup table, define relationship in the hierarchy, define quotas for the new agents, update DB Lookup file and it’s done.

Then came this dispute from Singapore’s Finance Manager about the GIRO text file. Why can’t she be nice when saying things. Anyway, I manage to clarify that this is not my mistake but due to

  • Lack of information that invoices are to be sent together with GIRO payment using e-mail
  • There’s no clear instruction that I should choose GIRO with invoice data format. She keep mentioning that sending mail has been mentioned in the conference call last week. Hello… That is reminder email, and not the email of invoice. Again. Obviously there is no clear instruction
  • I’ve sent the GIRO text file twice to OCBC bank, and they didn’t check it thoroughly I guess where they only realize that the format of the file is the one without invoice after they have imported the file in the system

5pm, I just pack my stuffs and headed back home straight. Just not really in the mood today to stay a bit longer in the office, for at least 5:30pm where the rest of the other people can go back home too (remember, Muslims are allowed to go back home 1/2 an hour earlier in Ramadhan).

Realizing that, received a second call from her, and this time, she’s nicer. Yeah. Don’t simply dump anything to other people. You are messing around with the wrong person.

As for fast breaking today, as usual, I got them from bazar Ramadhan. It the most convinient I think. The price is reasonable, and there are so much choices. What about the taste? Is it good or not? Who cares. I’m damn hungry. LOL.

Oh ya. There is not a single update about the new jigsaw project that I started last week. Well, here is the progress as tonight.

That’s all for today folks. My back is aching. Need to lay down now, and perhaps, I’ll fall into sleep.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. einazani says:

    love jigsaw puzzle too..

  2. Imran says:

    hehehe. this is my third jigsaw puzzle that i ever attempted to do

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