Maxis Broadband – no hidden charges – Yay!

Last month, I received this first bill for Maxis Broadband that I signed up with additional RM100 on top of the advertised RM138 monthly fee.

I just like, WTF. Other Charges & Credit of RM100 is being charged. Other charges? Can they be more specific. I did ask the agent when paying the bill of what that RM100 is. All they say, that amount is in the system, and you have to call customer service to know what it is. Well, this is definately something that they didn’t tell me on the day that I want to sign up, but yet, I’m just to lazy to complain, going through stressful phone call with the customer service.

And below is the bill that I just received. Well, the RM100 that I paid last time is being refunded here.

I guess RM100 is for the registration fee, but since I paid that already on the day that I signed up, so they just offset it this time. So that means, there’s no hidden charges then. Yay!

Footnote: Well. I write this just from what happened to me, and I’m not in a way or another promoting Maxis Broadband or being paid to write nice things about Maxis Broadband 😉


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does the broadband works in putrajaya?

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