Messy week

Late Thursday night, while I was browsing the internet, suddenly I’m getting page not found error. It happened to all website. Quick ping to gives timeout, which reveals that I no longer have internet connection. Restarting my router after that, but still no luck, until I look at the WAN Status in my router showing that the ASDL modem couldn’t make the PPPoE connection.

This happened in the past, which I think maybe Streamyx is doing maintenance, and the connection is usually restored after a while. So decided to go to bed for the day.

Friday, went to work as usual, but after I came back from work, my modem still can’t make the connection to the internet. I wonder why. I quickly called my friend who lived at the same block as me, different floor, and he said that his Streamyx is fine. The conclusion is, this problem is just happened to me then. I actually noticed that water are coming out from the phone riser room on my floor. I guess the leak in the room may have caused my Streamyx not working. To my suprise, my phone service is working fine.

It’s too late to call 100 to report this, so I guess, I will just settled down with my Maxis Broadband Internet for the night. And again, something weird happened I couldn’t connect to internet either on Maxis Broadband.

I desperately need to use internet tonight for work and gave Maxis Customer Service a call, where the agent asked my to call 1-800-82-2000 number. After dialing in, I’ve been put on queue, and waited for almost 15 minutes, and my call still not answered. Fed up with it, I hang up the call, and dial using my speaker phone. Easier that way that I don’t have to hold the phone next to my ear.

Waited for another 20 mins, and finally my call is answered. Gosh. Maxis really have to look at Maxis Broadband support. Over the phone, I just told the agent what’s my problem. After checking, the agent told my that my account has been blocked due to unsettled bill. Darn. They really when disconnecting service, but if there is problem with the service, it takes ages for them to fix it.

Another bad news the payment by credit card over the phone can be made during office hour already. So the agent suggested me to pay using online. How the heck I can make online payment since I don’t have internet connection? So the agent told me that he will activate the internet for the night, and I have to make payment tomorrow. Yeap. I’m fine with that.

At last, I’m back online with this sluggish internet service. I might as well make the payment of my bill online. But I have no luck. Everytime I submit the payment details, an error (which I don’t quite remember the exact wordings) is shown – telling me that the bank cannot be contacted for the payment. Please try again (something like that). As what stated there, so I tried making the payment again. I’m getting the same error.

So I guess maybe there’s a problem with the credit card, so I tried with another credit card. I’m getting the same error, and tried for the second time. Still the same error. Well, I guess I’ll pay over the counter tomorrow then at Mid Valley’s MASA Centre.

First thing first for today. Dial 100 and make a complaint about my Streamyx. I bet everybody that call TMNet about the internet connection problem has to go through the troubleshooting process, where we have to check the lamp on the modem, delete the current connection, recreate it, put DNS manually, restart the PC, connect phone line directly to the modem (not through splitter) and try to reconnect to the internet. All of that failed to restore the connection, and finally, a complaint file is opened, and I have to wait at least 2 days for someone to look at it. Nice.. waiting… this is something that I really hate to do.

Went to Mid Valley after that, and stop by at office for a while, and then off to MASA Centre to make the payment. But after the agent there retrieve my account information, she said that I don’t have to pay anything. How come? Then she said that I still have RM791 credit in my account. I’m still confused. How come? She then retrieve more of my account information, and told me that I’ve made 4 times the payment of RM263.91 yesterday. So i have overpaid RM791 into the account.

Yeah. It seems that even though it seems that my credit card payment last night didn’t succeed, but actually the transaction has been queue, waiting to be submitted to Maxis. Usually, once the payment is successful. I’m asking for a refund of the overpaid amount that I made, but I can’t do it at MASA, and have to go to Maxis Centre at KLCC.

Went there by car at first, but looking at the long queue of cars to KLCC, due to PC Fair perhaps, make a turn back and stop by at Jelatek LRT station. Luckily that LRT station is just under KLCC, and I found out this is very convinience. Here I am at Maxis Centre at last.

The service that I get from the staffs here is something to be commended. Maxis seems to be doing really fine in this area where the person that handles your query is very friendly. After I explained what happened, the person says they it can be refunded, but may take 3 working days or so as Maxis has to deal with the bank about the transaction. Sigh. Just another waiting that I have to do.

It’s been a long day today outside, so after reaching home, decided to watch movies that I downloaded using my Xbox Media Centre. But couldn’t find the xbox controller. After searching for a while, found it under the table. How on earth the controller ended up there?

After plugging in the controller, it seems that I can’t make any selection on the screen after the Xbox is turned on. Then I realize, why the controller ended up under the dining table is due to my cats running around in the house, knocked the controller that lying on the floor, and the cable just snapped from the Xbox, leaving a bended pin inside. Oh no. This is the only controller for Xbob that I have.

God. All of these things really messing my head – things got spoilt, things got unworked, thing got uncontrolled. Arggghhhh…..


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

4 Responses

  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    perh….its really like hell imran..I know how you feel on that moment. Krim peluk cium kat oyen ye..hehe

  2. normala.sahari says:

    M’re ..cian you… Kayuh pelan pelan ya.. ambikks angin sepoi sepoi.. insyallah will be okay..

  3. Imran says:

    amirah: memang betul. rasa tensions sesgt. kekadang tu rasa cam nak campak je keyboard

    mala: hihihi.. cam tgh atas basikal utk exercise tu je 😀 anyway, i salute with your determination nak diet. if me, memang takleh tahan ngan lapar

  4. Sankai says:

    arghhh… rosak !! rosak !! no !!!!!…

    its been a while since i gi ur house..


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