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Lately, I noticed that less and less people are getting into my blog (the counter shows the drop in the number of visits). Quickly checking the log reveals that people is having difficulty of entering my blog. Somehow, they are keep doing refresh, probably due to the page freezing while my blog page load.

Thanks to Nobita & Azmi for the comments that you guys left in the tagboard. It’s kinda strange. I didn’t see at all that my blog loads really slow (both using Firefox and Internet Explorer although Internet Explorer takes longer to load). Last time during my Hari Raya holiday, accessing my blog using dialup, the load time seems so reasonable too.

Anyway, the main reason for the slow down is the scroller that I use as the header of the template. That one really uses lots and lots of javascript, and really slows down Internet Explorer.

But scroller no more. I did a minor change to the header part of my template. And below how it looks like now.

Really hope that this will speed up the loading of my blog page.

Added at 12:21pm
Yay! Guess it works. Check the log just now, and found out this person can move from one page to another in average of 6 seconds.

It still takes long, but it is way better than before.

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  1. zach says:

    Hi Im, how are you? Doing great I hope. Selamat ari raya lagi sekali (sempat lagi nih…)

    Im, your page in fact memang agak macam ‘heavy’ sikit nak masuk. Mcm yang u cakap kat atas tu, kadang2 my browser hang terus each time I masuk your blog. And walaupun aku guna streamyx yang paling mahal still ambil masa untuk upload your blog entirely (ambil masa ni maksud aku secara relatif la, cepat tapi still lambat banding page lain2).

    Take care k.

  2. Imran says:

    hi zach. yeap. long time no see lah. guess u pun bz gak kut. ur blog dah lama tak berupdate. heheheh

    anyway, thanks for pointing that out. i rasa sekarang ni dah ok kut lepas i took that image scroller thingy out.

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