M’re’s Tag Board

Aahhh… Now I can have a long exhale seeing M’re’s Tag Board (name subject to change in the future) has finally up and running with most of its basic features (more advance features will be coming soon)

My blog started with no tagboard in at the start. Main reason, I don’t want to use ready made tagboard out there. You see, as programmer, you have this ego, where if you can program it yourself, why use others?

So below is the very first tagboard that I have program, with very minimal features, but it serves its purpose as a tagboard.

After using it for a while, I just get sick the the plain look of it, and the lack of features that it have. Then in October last year, I made another searching on the web to find if there is any cool tagboard codes out there, when I stumble upon Leospirit Chatter Box.

Wow. It’s really cool. I like the smilies bit. Very cute. Judging at the messages in the forum, it seems that the creator of Leospirit Chatter Box is Malaysian. But hey, there’s this ego again on why using the one that has been programmed by others? Furthermore, it’s not free.

Many of you has probably come across Junaidix’s Msjbox. Man… This guy is quite a phenomenal tagboard creator too, and he is Malaysian too. Malaysian rocks!!! There are so many people using his Msjbox, and a few of Msjbox Officials and users are good blog friend of mine too.

And there was this time when my tagboard is down, due to my hosting reaching its bandwidth limit (as the result of people leeching my Flash Video).

I got invitation from Noush and Meera to join Msjbox that time. Sorry girls I didn’t actually sign up. It is not that I don’t want, but it’s the ego thing that I mentioned earlier 😉 No heart feelings ya!!!

So, let see what my new tag board has to offer. We can look at the features from two views

  • Blog visitor side (user features)
  • Blog owner side (admin features)

For blog visitor
Below is what all of your blog visitors will see:

  1. The information about the blog visitor that left the message is displayed
    graphically here. Country will be detected based on the visitor’s IP address. WWW and/or email icons will be displayed if visitors left his/her URL and/or email
  2. After leaving a message on the tagboard, the visitor has the ability to delete the message, in the event the visitor change his/her mind of not posting the message, or there is an error in the message and the visitor wants to delete and retype the correct one. This option is only valid within 1 hour after the message has been left
  3. Blog visitor can see the reply to his/her message in its own thread. Meaning, there’s no need for the blog owner to open up another message thread just to reply to the message left by the visitor
  4. Finally, smilies are easily accessible right at where the visitor will be writing the message. No more pop up window

For blog owner
The admin feature for the blog owner to administer his/her tagboard is designed so that everything takes place in the tagboard window itself. There’s no need for the blog owner to visit some other page to do basic day to day administration tasks.

The admin login icon is neatly placed at the bottom right hand side of the tagboard.

Clicking the said button, you will be presented with the login window to the admin side of the tagboard.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will see there are additional buttons are displayed, and you can administer your tagboard right from your own blog without needing to go to seperate admin page.

  1. All the day-to-day use basic admin tasks are right there for you to use. You can reply, edit or delete the message that has been left of your tagboard
  2. You can also edit or delete the reply that you have left to the messages left by your blog visitor

Replying to the message is simple. A pop up window will be displayed showing the original message that you are trying to reply. And you will be presented with the same text entering and smilies system as what your blog visitors are using to left message on your tagboard.

It goes the same to editing the message/reply. You will be using the same text entering and smilies system.

Finally, if you ever had a bad relationship with your blog visitor, and they left messages that wasn’t suppose to be said at all, get rid of those by deleting them. No worries, all delete task will be presented with confirmation message. So you don’t have to worry of accidently clicking the delete button.

Do expect to see more advance features in the nearest future.

Want to get one??????

Errr… I’m afraid currently this tagboard is not opened yet for registration. You see. There are quite many things that take place on my web hosting. My bandwidth is very limited (really wish I have more to spare). But I’ll try my best to get this available for the rest to use (errr.. kalau ada yg nak guna lah)

Finally, some credits that I would like to give, as a token of appreciation from me

  • Junaidix’s Msjbox to inspire me of creating a Malaysian grown web application. You rock, and your Msjbox is rocker and your Msjbox friends are rockest. Hope that you finally can pinpoint the irresponsible person that did the DoS attack to your hosting
  • Hotscripts for having a wonderful PHP codes repository, which I can get idea on how to get my tagboard done
  • Shouthuns for idea on how tagboard with reply system should looks like. I even steal this cute smile icon
  • phpBB for that cute WWW, email, reply, edit, delete, about and admin icons
  • IP-to-Country for having a very comprehensive database and sample implementation on how to translate IP address into country code
  • NeoWORX for that cute looking flag icons
  • Nobta, [ed], moon, m@rts & meera for keep asking me when the tagboard is going to finish. That really drives me to complete this thing
  • And to all my blog visitors. You all make me keep going in this blogging world

p/s: isk.. cam ucapan menang anugerah plak


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

16 Responses

  1. Fizz Hazrai says:

    tahniah imran atas kejayaan mu..

    tapi tak sure pula kenapa yek setiap kali fizz anto msg.. mesti slow lepas tuh jadi error… fizz try kat rumah.. ingat sebab line slow ke .. then pagi nieh try kat office pun samo terjadi…

    kenapa yek..

  2. Malique says:

    tahniah! imran, anda sememangnya mempunyai kebolehan…

    keep up yr good job!

  3. moon says:

    yeeerrr “mari belajar menggunakan tagboard bersama encik imran”..hiks hiks..
    bergeliga otak hang imran…

  4. Imran says:

    err fizz. ye ke? error apa ek yg dia tunjuk?
    tnx malique & moon 😉
    sesungguhnya puji – pujian hanyalah untuk Allah

  5. Anonymous says:

    im memang slow laaa.. nape yek.. huu huu huu

    masa opening for page slow giler.. rasa macam terhenti jer.. fizz terpaksa refreshkan balik.. baru okay…

    nape yek.. oh yer before this ada kuar error.. you dont have authorise.. bla bla bla bla..

    ahakz.. ada kena betulkan tuh..

    ~ fizz xlogin

  6. Anonymous says:

    oopss lupa.. yang bab hosting tuh kan… nanti fizz ym imran yek…

    ~ fizz

  7. Imran says:

    thankx fizz. nanti saya investige apa problemnya

  8. meera says:

    tahniah Imran di atas anugerah ini, yg pasti anda memenangi anugerah ini bukan melalui undi sms… kehkehkeh…

    ok pe…. kalo leh buat tagboard sendiri, watpe nak guna tagboard readymade tu kan… inilah masanya nak gunakan kreativiti sendiri… kalo saya reti buatpun tentu saya nak guna saya punya sendiri…

    lepas ni boleh lah saya guna tagboard Imran ni ek… meh nak sokong hasil kerja anak Malaysia & kengkawan….

    kalo bukan kawan yg sokong kawannya sendiri, sape lagi nak sokong kan…

    ‘Majulah Imran utk agama, bangsa dan negara’

    hehehehe panjangla pulak… jgn marah aaaaaa

  9. kuncup says:

    wow~!! imran, this M’re’s Tag Board is really cool… (pliz let me know if its ready for registration) can’t wait~!!!

    kuncup memang kagum dengan setiap hasil yang diusahakan oleh anak melayu. ini menunjukkan orang melayu bukan bodoh, bukan mundur atau pun pemalas.

    luv yr your hard work, dedication and time spent on this… *thumb up, muahh~!!*

  10. Anonymous says:

    m’re…thumb up 4 u…
    kalo utk blogdrive bleh jgk ke…
    may ada blogdrive jek. kat blogspot dah tak ingat pw. hikhik

  11. Imran says:

    thanks may.
    anyway. tagboard tu leh guna kat mana2. blogspot bleh. blogdrive bleh. do check this page again the future. mungkin registration akan di buka tak lama lagi 😉

  12. dak^penang says:

    tak tau nak setting database laaaa…tolonggg

  13. pr3ttych3rry says:

    *clap clap clap* fuyooo…leh arr nak menuntut cam ni. term ni eQin kena wat website.. huhu..

    ni nak panggil cekgu ke teacher ke sensei?? muahaha

  14. mr.eims says:

    er…ishk2… dah pueh ako carik..
    mane shoutbox tu? xde demo ke?

  15. korokmu says:

    memang menarik shoutbox ni. kalo nak host kat server sendiri buleh tak>

  16. Imran says:

    eQin: thehehe.. thankx. panggil ustaz pun boleh
    mr.eims: aik. adalah. tagboard yg aku pakai tuh tagboard yg baru aku tu
    korokmu: aiseh. benda tu not available for public to register. source code lagilah tak available for public. hehehehe