Streamyx speed problem solved


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  1. Malique says:

    finally… fuh mesti laju giler nih ek…

  2. Imran says:

    tulah malique. tak sabar nak balik rumah nih. dah terbayang dah torrent2 yg akan didownload nanti. hehehe

  3. Malique says:

    bagus… nanti boleh la i tumpang sekaki… hehehehe

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey, i got the same problem. so u just call up the internet provider and ask them to re-do it, is that it?

  5. Imran says:

    hi there anonymous. they will do something on the setting on their side, along with sending us an email of the things that we can try to do on our PC. Below is the email that I get from them :

    Dear Mr.Imran,

    Thank you for your e-mail to TMNet.

    Mr.Imran, referring to your e-mail, we would like to advise you to proceed with some basic troubleshooting, in order for us to streamline the issue that you are facing currently.

    1) Bypass splitter/ micro filter/ fax machine/ lightning protector.

    2) Stand alone connection, from wall socket to modem (No parallel line).

    3) Flush DNS
    a) For Win 98/ME:-
    – Click Start button, go to run.
    – Type “winipcfg” and then click OK.
    – Select your network card name from the adapter drop-down menu.
    – Click on Release button
    – The IP address should display Then click Renew All
    – Click OK to close the window.

    b) For Win XP/2000
    – Click on start Button, go to run
    – Type “command”, click ok
    – Type in “ipconfig /flushdns”, then press Enter.
    – Make sure the result is “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver cache”.
    – Type exit and press Enter to close the window screen.

    4) Switch off the modem, unplug/ re-plug all cables, wait for 5 to 10 minutes before switching on the modem.

    5) Create new dialer and configure DNS
    – (Preferred DNS Server: /Alternate DNS Server:

    6) Reboot computer and the modem.

    7) Do a bandwidth test from our website as follows :
    However, if the result is below 70% of the required speed, please reply us by attaching the result in kbits.

    Alternatively, you can contact our Technical Department at 1-300-88-9515 (select option 3 for Technical Assistance) if you need further assistance on the troubleshooting above and if the problem still persists, please provide us the following details for further action.

    1) User name :
    2) Contact Person :
    3) Contact Number
    – Home/Office :
    – Mobile phone :
    4) Operating System :
    5) Modem Brand :
    6) Service Number :
    7) Streamyx Package :
    8) 1 Bandwidth Test Result :
    9) When the problem occurred :
    10) When is the best time to call you ?:

    Should you require any further assistance or would like to submit any enquiry/feedback, kindly visit and click on Customer Support.

    Mr.Imran, we thank you for taking the time to write to us and look forward to serve you better.

    Lina Azra
    Customer Care Support,
    TMNet Sdn. Bhd.

  6. Les Malais says:


    I have almost the same problem but my speed performances is good in Malaysia but very bad outside.
    Did you try?
    With San Fransisco I have 347 (dl) / 165(up)
    With Paris 400 dl
    Try this adress for an international test:

  7. Anonymous says:

    HEY STUPID PPL go fuck your seld dont use that shit Speed test thats for FUCKING LOCAL connection go check it with some server from US or EU and see the shit result FROM damn TMNut

  8. Daniel Ong says:

    Hi friend, Streamyx broadband test is crap. It only test their server at Brickfield, Kelana jaya, or Putrajaya. Try and see or at different location especially USA. It really is damm slow. For me I only get 130 kbs or less most of the time. As for Izzi 4G forget it. It is even worse. I have try it. They promised up to 1mb download speed. I tested it at Low Yat at their promo booth. The speed was around 300 to 500 kbs using the above-mentioned test. Malaysia broadband is all crap.

  9. Najib Hassan says:

    lol u just so lucky la encik using SDSL from tmnut..3mb up/down but only getting 1.5mb fix..grrr half speed only..

  10. AMIRUL says:

    hello….please help me….
    3 day ago i just get my internet (4 mb). but when i test the speed not even reach 2 mb. does this normal or else?

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