Epidemic season

It’s the epidemic time of the year again. I really hate this. It all started with one or two people having flu and cough. Eventually, everybody got infected, including me.

Last Friday, I started to cough, and my throat starts to generate a lot of mucus. And at the same time, I have a runny nose also. Kept sneezing and sometimes I get stuffed nose too.

The weather is not being easy on me too. It is very hot during the day time, and quite chilled during the night. Several times I woke up during my sleep in the night, feeling so cold with pain in my chest. It is not due to the heart burn, but due to mass amount of mucus in my throat where I need to go to toilet. cough up and spit the mucus out.

Guess I will pay a visit to the nearby doctor later today.


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  1. Raden Putra says:

    try burning some eucalyptus oil when u’r about to sleep. then look at the mucus u’r coughing up in the morning!!

  2. moon says:

    ada satu ubat batuk tu, apa hek nama dia..bagus untuk batuk yang berkahak. Tak mengantuk pun. Herm, lopa la nama dia, nanti balik tengok dalam esbok 🙂
    running nose ni senang je, makan clarinase, hiks hiks..
    (ini cubaan kalau malas nak pergi jumpa dokter la)
    semoga cepat sembuh!

  3. kuncup says:

    hi imran,
    hope you get well soon. as a matter of fact i just recovered from the same sickness.

    aduh… batok sampai sakit perot~!!
    go and see a doctor okey…

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    makan vitamin c bebanyaklah beli redoxon kat farmasi,vitamin c tu kuat juga.

  5. Imran says:

    hi all. thanks for the suggestions. ingat nak pegi jumpa doktorlah senang kan. hehehe

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