M’re Goes Dirty

Once again, the header of my blog template has changed again. I made this template changes in tribute to the 2 cockroaches that I killed in the past 2 weeks.

My heart is filled with gentleness in nature (people who knows me can tell. hehehehe). I have voilence, and as a matter of fact, I hate it so much. I very hate those killings that I see on the television. I hate to see things get killed. Anyway, this is already on the bigger scale. Lets go to the smaller scale hatred towards killing, shall we….

Whether you believe or not, all in my life, during Hari Raya Haji, I never been to the place where people slaughtered the cow. I don’t know, I just have this eerie feeling. It is not that I’m afraid of the blood, but I feel so pity looking at those alive and healthy cows had to end their lives at the tip of the knife. I can’t bare seeing those cows being slaughtered alive.

And shall we go to even smaller scale? A week and half ago (I think), while unpacking my stuff from the box, I found this very big cockroach. I couldn’t find my Ridsect Cockroach Killer, and I’m afraid the cockroach will run away. You know, cockroach can grows exponentially in number. I don’t want my new house is infested with cockroaches. I have no choice but to hit the cockroach, but I miss. The cockroach run like hell, very fast, faster that I ever see cockroach runs before. I chase the cockroach and give a second hit. I hit the bull, when I found out that cockroach is carrying an egg. No wonder. It tried to protect its egg. See. Even cockroaches take a good care of their eggs.

And 3 days ago, another cockroach came out from the bedside drawer. This time I have Ridsect nearby already. Without further ado, I spray the cockroach. But I feel guilty so guilty after that. I see that cockroach strugling like it in really deep pain. I not dare too look at the cockroach, but I can’t help it. Really. The cockroach really look at it is suffering big time from the pain. I keep thinking what if I’m at that cockroach place. I rather die quickly than has to suffer the pain for quite a long time. I end up hitting the cockroach with the book again, let it died quickly rather that it is suffering like that.

Well… That is one of the strange thing about me, that I myself don’t understand it.

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6 Responses

  1. moon says:

    I was wondering what book are you using…should called it as “murder weapon” instead of book, I guess…hahaha..

  2. amirahsyuhada says:

    “I very hate those killings that I see on the television.”

    Imran, am really sick on that too. Sometimes..it make me hate ‘orang lelaki’ more. Most of the killers is man..a guy.

    But the fact is in this world..we only have a few good men.

  3. mr.eims says:

    eims… template valentine la plak.. cam tak sabaw lak nak tengok…

    rajin tul mamat neh wat template… baguih..

    er.. sbnrnye header je kn tg tuka? huhu~

  4. Anonymous says:

    bunuh jer.. takyah cian cian ngan Cik LI nieh… teringat laks 2 weeks ago.. my sis buat air milo kan.. dia letak sekejap kat atas meja dapur.. ntah mana datangnye.. tetiba “koma” kat dalam air my sis tuh.. huu huu nasib baik my sis tak minum… dia kata aku lum rasa.. cik LI dah rasa dulu.. eeeeee.. ngeri laks tengok terapung jer kat air milo tuh.. he hehe … eee tak suka betul ngan cik LI nieh.. kalau fizz nampak.. selagi tak bunuh.. selagi tuh takde peace of mind.. selagi tak tengok ia tergolek.. selagi tak buang kat tong sampah..

    ntah nape tiap kali masuk blog im.. mesti berkerut muka… kalau boleh memang takmo pandang kat layout atas tuh.. huu huu

    perghh.. panjang laks pula…

    ~ fizz xlogin

  5. Imran says:

    moon: hehehe. ketuk dan buku the art of war. hehehe
    amirah: errr. jgn too generalizekan “membenci lelaki” yer
    mr.eims: valentine ek? serasanya tak sempat kut. takes time gak nak buat header tu
    fizz: tulah. memang benda tu kotor kan. tapi benda yg menyayat hari lepas kena spray tuh. nampak dia cam nazak sgt. kali lepas spray, akan ku ketuk dengan buku biar dia mati cepat. hehehe

  6. mr.eims says:

    oaloh..tu la.. patut wat header valentine dulu…

    valentien lagi feymes dr kokoroch tu..

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