TagMe!: Two first beta testers of my tagboard announced

Yes. I have two people already “beta testing” my tagboard. The first person is Eisz and the second person is Nobita.

Obviously, this tagboard is undergoing teething problem, a normal thing that we can see for any new system. It might take a while for it to become stable, and for that, I need beta tester for my program.

As a matter of fact, by giving both of them the access to the tagboard, I really get to know a few bugs that my tagboard has. And that’s what beta test is all about, asking the public to test your software and to report back the error/bug/problem that they face.

And I’d also like to thanks to others for trying the tagboard too. Too much to mention here. You know who you are 😉

Why Eisz and Nobita first?? So “pilih bulu” one
No. No “pilih bulu” one. As a matter of fact, Nobita was the first person that said that he would like to use the tagboard once it’s ready. Eisz is good friend of Nobita, of which both of them are good friends of mine. Guess at this early stage, it’s easier to have close buddies to use and test first.

Will there be the third beta tester that you will give the code to, and who will it be?
Yes. There will. I have this girl in mind actually. As a matter of fact, she kept testing my tagboard, and report all the error/bugs/problem that she faced to me (without me asking for it). Thanks to this lady. Guess she will be the third one (kalau dia naklah). And that girl is Fizz

If your new tagboard is still full of bugs, don’t you think that it is too early to announce it to eveybody? Why announce it?
This tagboard originally created for personal use only, replacing the very basic tagboard that I use before. Didn’t really expect that a few people would like to use it. Then the idea of hosting it and make it available popped up in my head. I am struggling very hard to get all the bugs fixed, and to sort out the hosting issue of this tagboard pretty soon.

Ok! Ok! So when will it be available for others to use?
I can’t tell really. There are still so much things to do and to fine tune. I just have a feeling that it is not suitable yet for others to use. Maybe, in a month time??!!!

Waahhhh!!! Why so long one?
Heh. I can’t seem to keep a balance between my career life (things that I do at office that generate money at the end of the month) and my hobby life (internet, creating mini software / web application that everybody can use). It seems that my career life is taking most of my time.

Oklah. So how do I know that your tagboard is ready for others to register
Hhhmm.. Guess you have to visit my blog regularlylah. Hehehehe. The announcement can go out anytime.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    *terharu* yeah .. nak………. thanks im.. .. tapi nanti akan di testkan kat my hosting yek.. leh ke.. tengok laju ke slow..

    anyway.. lately tak leh nak online selalu lah selagi pc tak di perbetulkan.. huu huu

    thanks againz

    ~ fizz xlogin

  2. Imran says:

    hak hak fizz. your welcome

  3. Anonymous says:

    problemz baru im..

    fizz bagi comment tadi kuar macam biasa 404 problemz.. tetapi masalah baru sekarang bila refresh.. ayat yang fizz type tak kuar.. tak macam dulu.. dulu kalau refresh memang dah ada..

    teee he he he

    fizz x login

  4. freemaTor says:

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  1. July 29, 2011

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