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Does anyone has RM3199 to donate me? I’ll reveal why I need it towards the end of this entry

Lately, I really like downloading video clips from the internet, due to the fact that I have media center in my living room.

Just like to share with everybody, while searching for the music videos to download, I came across the follow cool blog.

And the cool thing is, all the video rips are in a high quality, using MPEG2 codec, the codec that DVD is using. Just imagine watching a crystal clear music video on your TV or computer.

I really hope Malaysia’s music video scene serves music videos of this quality. Often, music videos that I found on local torrent are in WMV format with a very low bitrate – quality not good at all. I like to see something like this.

Astro really broadcast quite a high quality transmission. So if the stream can be captured using MPEG2, it is really good.

Actualy, I have this Pinnacle PCTV Stereo tv capture card. But I haven’t used it for so long. It’s kinda hard to get it connected to Astro, with TV in the living room and my computer in bedroom. Furthermore, I have to pay extra to enable MPEG2 codec for this.

I somehow need a specilize device for the task. So below is actually something in my wish list now. DVD recorder.

Sigh!! What a saliva slurrping thing to get, but really expensive. Guess I should go for a unbranded DVD recorder. Saw one in Carrefour last month selling at around RM550ish.


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3 Responses

  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    sy klik kat link tu tak dpt pun…betul ke link tu?

  2. moon says:

    sila la sahut seruan kerajaan untuk berjimat cermat..hahaha…

  3. Imran says:

    amirah. link tu adalah torrent link. awak kena ada bittorrent client utk download file2 tu. pakai bittorent, utorrent, bitcomet atau azureus.

    moon. tu yg saya mintak derma tu, sebagai langkah berjimat cermat. hak hak hak

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