My FarmVille Helper App: Design brainstorming

I’m making myself busy again this weekend with another “Weekend Programming Project”. After the launch of the My FarmVille Helper, I want something more. My FarmVille Helper is good to manage the planting session, knowing which session will rip soon, or will wilt soon. But you still have to do all the dirty work of plowing, seeding and harvesting, and is quite nerves breaking if you have big farm.

This is when I’m thinking of the extension of My FarmVille Helper – My FarmVille Helper App. This is just still an idea which as you can see below, at the moment I’m still designing the coordinate system in FarmVille Helper App, and I’ve been playing around with the codes that control mouse movement.

I’m so excited to finish up this new project, and as always, my application should be generic enough to be used with any FarmVille design, and not limiting to how I arrange my farm.


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  1. azraain says:

    wow, I am so impressed with your determination on building the Farmville App!

  2. zaif says:

    rajin nyerrrrr…


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