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Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. ryan says:

    Hi Imran, hows working hours in syn? Is it always busy and in fire fighting mode? I m considering to apply for a position in business consulting.

    Appreciate your feedback at ryansena79@gmail.com

    • Imran says:

      hi ryan. thinks a bit bad here in synovate due to global economy crisis, but not that bad actually. i'm from DP (data processing department) actually, and things are always busy here. projects keep flowing in 😉

  2. martsieus says:

    Pening tengok task list tu. Ha ha ha…
    My office kalau ada yang pending alamat email asyik kena spam dengan sistem yang asyik remind kerja tak siap.

    Pening pening I cannot help la Imre. Maybe laughing at yourself can help you ease the tension?

  3. MsJ says:

    tuuu dia… J kena tulis sendrik pending tasks to be done. Tambah lagi exam baru abis, paper exam 5 kelas baru je abes semak, kena key in markah & buat analisa, isi buku repot, isi kad 001, isi borang lisan utk 3 kelas, buat buku program utk hari koko & hari anugerah cemerlang.. bla..bla..bla.. panjang lagi kalau nak list down nih.. hehe.. rasa macam nak buat-buat pass out jer nih..

  4. am drowning too..here..hujung tahun, kuli-kuli sumer bz, boss kat atas je main golf…hahaha.

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