My guppy gave birth

As usual, I started my day looking at my fishes in aquarium. My green aquarium theme really soothes my just awake eyes.

But something caught my eyes today. I saw some tiny things swimming around in my aquarium. So tiny that I have to get my eyes closer to the aquarium to see what they are.

Ahhh. They are actually fry (newly hatched or born fish). Yes, I have one pregnant female guppy before.

Guppy is of livebearers family. The mother grows and hatch the egg inside the body, and fry are expelled alive and perfectly formed.

I don’t usually know how many of them, but my early counts show there are about 8 of them. Just to give you an idea how small they are, here are the photo that I’ve taken with other aquarium occupants. Too bad that I didn’t manage to get the adult guppy in the picture, as I’ve waited long enough, and never had a chance that all the occupants appearing in the same frame.

Here’s another photo that I took of one of the fry resting on the substrate. See. It’s really small. A single sand particle is about the same size of the body of the fry.


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