My New Freecom Hard Drive Dock

Behold my very first new toy for 2011. In the past, I bought Freecom Hard Drive Dock Pro where most of the time this is connected to my WD TV HD Media Player.

But it doesn’t take me long to realize the hassle of swapping the connection between the HD media player and the PC. Everytime I got new movies to be copied to the hard disk, I have to unplug my hard drive dock from the HD media player, connect to the PC, copy the files, unplug it from PC and plug it in back to the media player.

So I decided to buy another one – the non-pro version of Freecom Hard Drive Dock. This one lacking the the legacy PATA/IDE interface, which is good enough to be permanently connected to my HD media player.

So the unboxing as usual. Out of the many available hard disk docks / toasters out there, Freecom one seems to look the best to me.


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