My new KLV-46W550A LCD TV and BDP-S350 Blu-ray Disc Player (Part 2)

Let’s continue from where I left off last night. It’s time to hook up everything to the receiver. First this is the Blu-ray disc player.

The Blu-ray disc player’s box ripped open.

And here are the content of the box.

I didn’t actually do any photo taking for the unboxing of the LCD TV. That this is very heavy, and very delicate, that I need to attach to the stand quickly. Don’t really have a chance to take any photos in between.

However, it’s great that I have 2 models tonight that showcasing my new TV and Blu-ray Disc Player.

So everything now is hooked up together, and let’s test the TV. Wow. The TV looks really big in my living room. It didn’t look that big when I saw it in the showroom before, I guess when it’s sitting around other big size LCD TV, the size of it looks normal.

Anyway, it’s not the end yet. I still have to tidy up the house. Hoping to have another entry me enjoying the high definition media on this TV. Can’t really wait to slot in the Surf Up Blue-ray movie in.


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