My new KLV-46W550A LCD TV and BDP-S350 Blu-ray Disc Player (Part 1)

The day that I have waiting patiently for the past 1 week has finally arrived. At around 12:30 pm today today I got my new Sony Bravia KLV-46W550A LCD TV and Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray Disc Player.

The Blu-Ray Disc player comes with free HDMI cable and free Surf Up Blu-Ray movie. Sweet. That should saved my money to get start with high definition movie right away as HDMI cable and Blu-Ray movie can easily cost you RM250.

But to road for me to enjoy high definition movie is still very far. First, I need to take out my old TV from the cabinet. The work for this commenced immediately.

Secondly, I need to rewire all of my sound system to include the new TV and the new Blu-Ray disc player, and taking out several other components in my system. Below is the diagram of my current system, which I blog last time in this entry.

I have Sony Home Theatre System at the moment. This is all in one system where the sound system and DVD player is combined in a single device. All this while, this has served me well for my surround sound need. But it lack of digital audio input (optical or coaxial) that allow you to plug any other device to it. So, I decided to take out this from the system, and use the previously bought Sony STR-DK5 Professional Karaoke Amplifier. This is already a full featured 5.1 channel receiver already. Did I mentioned in my previous blog entry that I’m Sony fan? LOL

So, I will unplugged everything from the system, and redo the cabling and wiring from scratch. Wow! The back of my TV cabinet surely keeping so my dust. And these are all tangled cables from my current sound system. It wasn’t this messy actually, but a few months ago, I need to take out my PS2 (selling it to someone else) where I have to untie all the cables.

All-rite. All the cables untied, and all the dust vacuumed away. Let get started from a scratch. If you are a regular reader of my blog, by now you should be able to guess already who is sitting on my TV cabinet.

The very first thing to do is to arrange and do the cabling for my 6-piece speaker. Instead on running the cable under my carpet, I decided to have the cables run along the wall this time. I hope my landlord won’t kill me for doing that.

6 different cables from my 6 speakers (except centre speaker) is nicely tied together.

And labelling is important. It’s easier later when connecting this to the receiver so that I know which one belongs to front speaker, which one is rear, which one is left channel and which one is right channel.

The clock shows 12:15am when I finish this. I get too tired already, and I don’t want to rush this. So I guess that’s all for today, and I will continue with the next step tomorrow.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    ya salam!! Sungguh renyah nya ini kerja, ala jual kat sapa itu ps2!!! Huhuh. Tanak beli ps3? hehe. Jap, awak labelkan wire tu pakai apa?

  2. Imran says:

    hehe.. even wayar tu bersimpang-siur, saya still leh tahu end-to-end and connect everything to work. ps2 tu jual kat member. dia nak kasik hadiah kat anak buat dia dpt good result dlm UPSR. time tu memang dah terfikir nak beli PS3. tu yg jual tu. huhu.. oh, pasal label tu saya pakai brother label maker (i.e. yg tu dah model baru dah. yg saya tu saya beli 7 years ago. benda tu ada kat sini (benda yg warna kuning sebelah lampu meja)

  3. Ameeyn says:

    imran..In your wish list for 2009 you said that you wanna buy the PS3 isn't it?..Is your BD player capable of BD-LIVE? my opinion the best Blu ray player is the PS3..

  4. Imran says:

    hi Ameeyn. yeap. the BDP-S350 support BD-Live, as it is now equipped with ethernet port. Was thinking of that too before. Get PS3, then you can play game as well as playing Blu-Ray disc. But I also like to have a stand-alone Blu-Ray player, just for asthetic look when piled up together later with receiver and PS3. Hehe.

  5. Chikos says:

    huhuh…taniah…besar tuh tv neh…takpe nanti aku pun nak gak tp maybe wish list 2010….kalau angkat ps3 pun sama gak leh play blu ray gak
    …ape2 pun enjoy

  6. raden putra says:

    aku boleh relate sesangat habuk kat belakang kabinet tu, dah macam cotton ball blakang tv aku. baru aku realise kenapa aku selalu bersin bila tgk tv…

  7. gatchan says:

    hahaha transformers 1 full hd 1080p sape nak copy? dijamin meleleh air mata, lg2 dgn sony bravia…

  8. Imran says:

    Chikos: ahakz. tnx. /me angkat PS3 or Xbox 360 (or both?) time bonus ni kut.

    Raden Putra: hehe. tulah. tempat2 tersembunyi ni kekadang pening aku camner nak bersihkan. kejap je, habuk2 tu akan terkumpul balik

    gatchan: woa Ema. nak copy! mana awak download ek? MKV file ke?

  9. gatchan says:

    Aah, MKV file… kalu saya singgah Mid Valley bole la bg u satu copy…

  10. Imran says:

    Ema. Menariks gak tu. Kalau nak download, mau makan masa seminggu 😉

  11. Planted Cardinals says:

    Hi Imran. why you prefer Sony? Well, I personally think that Samsung is the better option! i’ve going through their line up and their picture quality seem brilliant. What about the blu-ray? Is the quality so defined than others? please let me know….What is your next upcoming toy or gadget? Cheers!!!!!!!!

  12. Imran says:

    Hi Planted Cardinals. Choosing between Sony and Samsung for HDTV is pretty much the same choosing Canon vs Nikon in DSLR world (which I into as well). At the end, it depends to the user on which system that satisfy them most. Sony vs Samsung debate can be ready at so many places. But both brand has their own pro and con. Sony wise, the Bravia Engine, Live Color Creation and MotionFlow for me really help in giving very good picture. I’m really a fan of MotionFlow the first time I saw it, and I set it to high on my tv to get the maximum out of it 😉

    My upcoming gadgets? You read my mind. I just make an entry about the new things that I got for my tv 😉

  1. June 3, 2012

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