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On a very fine evening yesterday, my afternoon nap is disturbed with a call from a random number. The person introduces that she’s from Mid Valley. Ahh. Finally, the moment of truth. The result of my installment application yesterday. Yippe! The application is approved. So the person ask me to come tomorrow to make a first payment and arrange the delivery date.

So I’m there at Jusco Mid Valley today, which I happened to be on emergency leave since I have visitor at my home.

This is the time that the promoter is poisoning me even more. It turned out that there is another promotion that you can get the Sony Blu-Ray player for RM1000, on top of Bravia W-Series LCD TV purchase.

Wow! This is a very good offer. The player itself is priced at RM2499 if to be bought alone. This thing has long been on my wish list alongside with LCD TV. It’s like a must thing to have for you to enjoy high definition movie, which what Full HD LCD TV is all about.

The promoter even cut RM1 more from the price, making it RM999. Well, I put this on my plastic card first ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, will be getting RM1500 next month (someone will bayar hutang), so I guess I will settle the amount by then.

Then the delivery part. It’s kinda awkward that the delivery is only done from 1pm to 5pm. It’s like people don’t have to go to work and can happily stay at home at those time. This weekend is not a good idea too as I’m not in KL (going back to hometown). Then I don’t have a choice than to come back to KL a bit earlier next Monday, which I have applied for annual leave already. So the delivery date is set for next Monday.

There you go. 2 more new gadgets for me (TV and Blu-Ray player), and another new “hutang” as well. LOL.


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