Sony Bravia Double Cash Back Promotion

Looking back at my 2008’s wish list, it’s been a long time already that I’m longing for a Full HD LCD TV. With the price of LCD TV dropping these day, I keep saying to myself that I will get one once my new house construction is completed. But thinking of it, that’s the time that you will use your money a lot – house renovation, furnitures etc, so finally, I’ve decided to get one – using installment of course.

Being a fan of Sony for TV products, went to Mid Valley to visit Sony Centre. Well, they have this Double Cash Back promotion for Sony Bravia TV.

Since Sony Centre only offered installment by using credit card only (max 12 months), I just decided to use AEON credit service at Jusco. Furhermore, I can get J-Card points ๐Ÿ˜‰ So which one to get?

Well, I have decided on which one to get way before. Been researching for a week already. The one that I’m getting is the W-Series 46-inch one (KLV-46W550A). I’m quite attracted to the 100 Hz MotionFlow technology, among other features that are unique to Sony LCD TVs.

There’s quite a good promotion too. There’s 5% discount, as well as RM300 cash back. So the final price is RM7299.05. Didn’t really plan to get the sound system for double cash back. Will invest in proper sound system later on (Yamaha perhaps).

I’ve been an AEON Express member already, but the express application (1 hour approval) is limited only to the maximum price of RM3000. For this one, I have to apply the normal way which will take a day or two to process. So I filled in all the necessary forms, and am waiting eagerly for the result. Really hope the application will be approved.


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  1. Joseph says:

    hey, u got the cash back using installment plan as well?

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