My new LG E2360T LED LCD Monitors II

It’s more than 2 months already since I bought this monitor last time. Not really in the mood to set the monitor right away that time since I was still waiting for Unifi that time. So I rather wait for Unifi to be in as that going to involved a lot of rewiring my home network, and it’s a good time to slot in new monitor installation too.

That time now has come. Unifi has been installed for 2 weeks already at my house, and lets settle this home network wiring once and for all. Finally, the box of my new monitor is ripped open.

These are the contents of the box. Monitor itself, some documentation and CD, stand, power brick, power cable and D-Sub cable. What? No DVI-D cable? My graphic card comes with 2 DVI-D port, so I need to get 2 DVI cables. Which mean, this will be another trip to Low Yat Plaza.

Here’s the monitor out of the wrapping. The stand is pretty wobbly.

This is the side view. Pretty thin.

The new monitor with the old Acer monitor that will be replaced. I will use the old monitor with my guest bedroom’s monitor, of which the monitor has been taken to be used with DVR for CCTV.

The two monitor side by side. Wow. It really filled up my whole computer table.

This is the back of the monitor. No HDMI port for this version of monitor. I guess specially made for Asia market to make it more affordable here. The same US model comes with HDMI port.

Well. Got to run to Low Yat plaza now to buy DVI-D cables. Can’t really wait to connect these 2 monitors to the computer, and power them up.


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  1. June 15, 2011

    […] my only purpose of visiting Low Yat Plaza today is to get a DVI-D cable for my new monitors. But this is a cursed place for me, and I end up spending almost RM500 today. Here are my shopping […]

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