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  1. marts says:

    Tu dia, rajinnya Imre pasang from scratch.

    Kalau report ni Marts boleh dapat duit kan?

    Wa ka ka ka larikkkk!

  2. moses says:

    berapa total cost utk cpu ni bro?

  3. dak^penang says:

    m’re nanti datang png kan..tolong burnkan vista..ilang laa ada owang amik…sp1 lak tuh

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    yap i pun nak tanya how much the total cost.U know what, i just thinking, one fine day when you get rest in your retirement days, can you make a tuition for me to build my own pc from scratch just like you did? heheh.

  5. Imran says:

    Marts: Hihi. Dah lama dah tak buat PC sendiri.

    dak^penang: worait

    moses & amirah: Hhmm.. Berapa ek total cost? Tak penah kira plak. Main beli je. Huhu. Jap nak kira

    Casing – RM110
    Motherboard – RM350
    Processor – RM610
    Graphic card – RM669
    DVDROM – RM65
    DVD Writer – RM74
    Power Supply – RM289
    RAM – RM170
    Harddisk – RM155
    Total : RM2492


  6. amirahsyuhada says:

    dvdrom n writer naaper beli asing2 imran?

  7. Imran says:

    senang nanti klu nak copy cd/dvd. kalau ada 2, leh copy on the fly. Baca dari DVDROM, pastu terus write kat DVD Writer. klu ada satu, dia akan baca ke dalam harddisk dulu, siap, tukar dvd kosong baru dia write. waste time 😉

  8. nOllY dOllY says:

    OMG, first time nengok build pc from scratch. psg robot plak..
    lg best kalo laptop pon leh build from scratch kan? huhu

  9. Cikinto Marcello says:

    hehe..keyboard logitech yer.jgn lupa simpan invoice or receipt smpi bila2 k.if let say rosak, logitech will ask u to return the device and the invoice (compulsory) back to the store 🙂

  10. 小爱 says:

    Hi, just wonder if u can help me with this:P If I were to choose Quad Core Q8200 as my processor, then what will be the most suitable mobo, Cooler Master chassis + power supply, RAM and graphic card that will go in sync well with the processor? Thanks a million!!

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