My New PC II

The problem when I’m getting something new, I want everything to be new. So went to Low Yatt Plaza again after work today. I want new keyboard for my new PC. And of course, it has to be wireless. I will put my old PC at my living room, and the old wireless keyboard and mouse will go with it.

But when you’re there, there’s so much other things that pop up in my mind to buy. Next is DVDROM. I used existing DVD Writer before, but I still want something new. So I just bought new DVDROM. Also, the chasis fan that comes with the casing is just a normal fan without the speed sensor. So I get one that can report the fan speed to the computer. At the end, here is my shopping list today.

Thinking of getting Microsoft Wireless keyboard, but there’s non that attracts me. At the end, I get Logitech Cordless Desktop MX3200 Laser.

These are the contents of the box.

Remember how messy the cables are in my previous entry?

After being through of headache for a while dealing with the spagetthi of cables, here how the cables look now. I guess that’s a bit better than before.

Actually there’s another thing that is not the first photo of this entry of things that I bought this time. It’s a new 320GB SATA harddisk. Well, I use the existing harddisk for my new PC for intalling operating system (the other 2 500GB I use for file storage). But that harddisk is quite slow that it lowers the base score of my new PC’s Windows Experience Index.

This is my new PC’s Windows Experience Index score after I put the new harddisk. Every single element is with 5.9 score, the maximum that you can get.

It seems that my new PC is fit to run Vista smoothly.

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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    memberi inspirasi untuk ..errr setakat upgrade pc jelah saya boleh nak build a new pc..tak dapek la..hehe.

  2. Eisz says:

    hihi. sungguh teliti.

  3. anif® says:

    Cool 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    I got it. My first time reading your blog. Tan from Penang

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