My Streamyx is so slow

Gggrrrrr!!!! Why my Internet connection is so stupidly slow these days? I’ve been noticing this for 2 weeks already. A quick bandwidth test reveals something intimidating.

This is the test speed from iZZinet Bandwidth Speed Test.

The test using Jaring Bandwidth Test also shows result in similar range.

Come on! This is unacceptable. ‘150kbps’ish download rate from 1Mbps line is just so ridiculous. Even the upload speed is faster. I used to get something in the range of 800ish all the time before.

Is it just me, or is there is something really going on at Streamyx. I’m afraid it’s the phone riser room leaking problem again. It’s been raining a lot lately, and that room is still leaking.

Will definately give TM a call.


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