Too early for "baju raya"? Not so early anymore

Been receiving this email from my sister a while ago, which I only happened to reply her email a few days ago. Gosh. I cannot be that busy.

I just wondering, what she ordered actually. After clicking the email, this is the thing that she ordered.

Baju raya? What first came to my mind – Wow! So early. But at the same tome, it made me to have something in mind as well. My “Baju Melayu” is 2 years old already, which mean that I will be wearing it for third time this coming Hari Raya. It’s a good idea also for a new one this year.

So I went to Jakel, Jalan Masjid India yesterday. I thought that I amongst the earliest to ever think of buying a cloth for new “Baju Melayu (baru raya)” but oh boy. I’m wrong big time. This place is so damn packed with people, and the department that sells cloths for Baju Melayu is as packed.

I fancy green this year, and bought this 3D colour green one. 3D colour? Hard for me to explain what it is. LOL.

So, went to a tailor today – Gates at Pasar Datuk Keramat. Well, as you can see, there are lots of Baju Melayu hanging around here already. And again, I’m not really the earliest.

Well. All the measurements are taken. I do really feel some sort of satisfaction as I accomplish something. So, one thing off my todo list.


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