Not so lucky at lucky draw, visiting hot water spring


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  1. Masy says:

    heheheh hot spring ni panasnye masa awl2 kita masuk je imran. takde laa smpi bole masak dlm tu hahahhhhaahaha (rasanyelah) awk try duduk 5 minit, pastu rasa biase je..

    sy penah dok dlm sejam lebih kot. tp bile keluar mmg peninglah – sbb ade sulfur dlm air tu. heheheheh.

  2. Sankai says:

    actually pening tuh bukan pasal the sulfur, but your whole body fluid is rather rushing (kinetic energy) produced by the heat. Much like a boiling water. Except for the bubbles.. hehhehe.. you blood pressure will raise significantly but blood flow will be smooth. Thats the the actual healing property of hot springs.

    The sulfur is corrosive to the skin. But you should have smooth skin after.

    wahh,.. officially a home owner. congrats bro :). Any advice on housing loans ?

    am still confused.


  3. Imran says:

    masy: huhu. taklehlah. kaki saya tu amat sensitif ngan heat. kalau masukkan tangan, leh plak lelama. tapi kalau masuk kaki, rasa perit teramat. anyway, dah kering dah athelete foot saya tuh

    sankai: from my reading, the sulphur smell is caused by the gas released by anaerobic bacteria in hot water.

  4. semut says:

    bila nak pi baling plak.leh terus berenang dalam air panas tuh.baru la terbakar dan mengecut semua otot2.haha

  5. amirahsyuhada says:

    lucky draw is only for those who only lucky in a draw-drwa stuff but never lucky in their life..hohoho. Those who always lucky…for the entire of their life..sorry ngarut jap.

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