My tiny little house

I was calling Billion Horizon last Friday to ask about something, but I got a bonus answer to my question where the lady that took my call told me that OCBC has fully disbursed the loan amount, meaning I can get the key to my house already.

They have a quota on how many people can come and collect the key, and the Friday one was full already. So I make an appointment for 1pm Monday, and the clearance letter has been faxed.

The last 2 days of weekend were a nail biting one. I kept thinking of Monday, where I will finally put step into my new house.

This is the corridor to my house. I quite like the environment. Feels expensive.

Tadaa… Welcome to my house. Not that big, but this is what you got for RM244k, which pretty much big enough for me, being single and all. LOL

I bought the KLCC view one, so I expect to see KLCC from my balcony. The surrounding landscape is not that interesting at all with an army camp just right next door.

The master bedroom, just barely enough to fit one queen size bed.

And this is the master bedroom’s toilet.

And behold, the most heart breaking area of the house – the very small kitchen. This is going to milk my money for renovation.

Didn’t have much time to take more photos as the main purpose of the visit today is to do a joint defect inspection with the developer. And I still need to get back to office after this. All in all, I quite like the finishing. There’s a minor defect to one of the window and the tap at the yard area is leaking, which is fixed on the spot.

Went to the developer and management office after to sign

  • the letter of acceptance for vacant possession
  • the defects notification form
  • the application for access card
  • the application for car stickers

I’ve also been given the guidelines for renovation work and this cute Casa Idaman Condominium House Rules.

Been living in condo environment before (Pantai Hilpark), the house rules are pretty such the same. There are so many restrictions and so many guidelines to follow. To some, this is quite annoying, but believe me, this strict rule is actually the thing that will govern the well being and promote harmonious occupancy of the condominium.

Today will be one of a historic moment in my life, from renting a small room in Brickfields back in 2001 when I first start work in KL, to owning a place that soon I can call home. It is such an overwhelming day.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. marts says:

    Tahniah, akhirnya. Marts gayat, tak boleh rumah tinggi2. Kalau ada balcony for sure tak akan duduk di balcony. He he he….

    Dapur sempat tak apa, IKEA selalu ada idea for small kitchen. :-DDD

  2. Imran says:

    thanks marts.

    balcony dia quite narrow. scarry gak. sekarang tgh fikirkan camner nak buat nak tutup gap between railings kat balcony tu. klu tak my cats tu akan terjun one by one. hehe

    tulah marts. memang teringin nak ada ikea kitchen. nanti nak ambik measurement, pastu nak suruh staff kat ikea tu tolong design dapur pakai software ikea tu. just nak tahu estimate harga dia.

  3. ameeyn says:

    berapa maintenace fee bulan2?

  4. yazid says:

    ran, aku pun rasa agak sempit pada harga 100k above, aku rasa berbaloi kalau ko amik semi d

  5. halim says:

    Nak tanya sikit, elektrik dah ada masuk ke belum?

  6. nazri says:

    yeah dah tau unit umah imran kat mana x xx xx….lol…lupa nak padam ke imran…

  7. glad says:

    congrats!! i remember when i stumbled upon your blog it was years ago when you still lived in hillpark and casa idaman was still under construction. How time flies.

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