Casa Idaman show unit

Casa Idaman seems like to be a trending topic now at my blog (when looking at the access log). Well, just to bring everybody down to the memory lane, below are the pics taken from the old Casa Idaman showroom last time.

This should give everybody an idea how to do the interior design for their new house. Credit goes to the person that originally upload these photos to Casa Idaman forum last time.


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  1. farhan yusof says:

    fuhh lawa contoh deco mcm 5star panggil eric leong hehe dia bab2 deco nie dia mmg terer..mane tau nanti terpilih untuk rancangan deco bersama eric ^_^

  2. pilotHans says:

    looks nice…wonder if the price would be around 300k these days..hmm..

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