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Dear all. I’m back to “dunia persada blog tanahair” after a very long silent. I feel so guilty for abandoning my blog for the past one week. Sorry blog. I’m sooooo busy. Tied up with sooooo many things, workwise and lifewise…

  • Busy with packing up my stuffs at old house to move to my new house
  • Busy with buying stuffs for the new house – get a new fridge and washing machine, went to Ikea to get some home appliances also
  • Busy entertaining my Penang friends that came over the weekend to give a hand while I’m moving
  • My computer has been packed up (and still in box), new house still don’t have internet connection – cannot update blog from home
  • Too busy with eQuesta panel database setup at office, taking the most of my time for the past several days – can’t update blog from my office
  • Helping my super boss (boss of my boss) on giving data for her annual businness report for 2005 which she will present to her boss for review in 2006

…so to list the reasons why I’ve been quite for a while.

Even though it’s rather quite tiring with all this moving thingy, but I’m very exited about it. It’s like you get a second life, living in a whole new world for you to explore, with new environment, new sight, and with determination to decorate your house to its best. I’m so exited about this, and all you will hear today is about me, my stuffs and my new house.

With all this moving out process, I realize that I’m a person with a high sentimental value. Yeap. There are all sort of boxes out there in the storage area that I keep from buying things all these years. Even though it has no further use to me, but I can’t throw it away. My heart is filled with anxiety if I happen to throw any box from the things that I buy. Why arr??

So here are the list of my stuffs, that I still have the boxes which are still in mint condition :

My D-Link wireless router with its box. I use this to share internet with the rest of my housemates at this old house, and also it allow me to browse internet wirelessly from my room (I hate cables running under my door, on the floor and on the walls)

My O2 Xda II Mini with its box. Well. It’s basically PDA with phone function.

My Casio Exilim Z4 digital camera with its box.

My various game consoles with their boxes. Hey. I thought that you gave away your old bulky PS2 to you brother on your trip back to Kelantan before? No ho ho ho… I can’t throw away the box. So much sentimental value with that since that PS2 is the thing that I get using my very first credit card, 3 months after I started my job.

The trolley with ~RM2500 worth of loading. I guard this trolley while my friend go and get his car from the parking. He’s helping me to get my stuffs to the new house. Thanks buddy!!! Huhuhuhu…. Can’t afford this trolley to go missing.

So Saturday, 21st Jan is the big day. This is the day that I rent a 3 tons lorry with 3 workers, for RM200, to move my big asses stuffs (bed, cupboard, tv rack, cd rack, dvd rack and a few big boxes) from my old house to a new house.

And again, I realized, I’ve been collecting so much things already. So if I get married, I don’t really have to buy much for the house. Hehehehe

Some stuffs in my living room – dvd rack, a portion of the cupboard, 29inch tv, fan, lamps, various cables for my electronic appliances, speakers for my home theatre

in the middle room, boxes containing my DVD and games collection, computer monitor, dvd rack, bag with my clothes,

and in the master bedroom, computer table, portions of disambled cupboard and bed, Vono mattress and bed side table.

Phew… Just wondering how long will I take to get everything tidy up.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

9 Responses

  1. moon says:

    i’ve been there, i’ve done that.
    So, i guess u need lots of luck and makan la banyak2 vitamin R(ajin) yer…:-)
    and oh, I hope u’ll move your tv to another proper location later on.

  2. zyfz says:

    I hate cables running under my door, on the floor and on the walls) <<--- erkk merk terasa... hikhikhik

  3. yazid says:

    oik ran, raye cine ni tak rounding ke? itu rumah nkau ke? la ingatkan store lepas buat clerance sale. Okey chow dulu, I have to go to war in my contrversial blog ni.

  4. meera says:

    imran meh saya tolong meh… tolong tengok je lah…. kihkihkihkih

  5. Imran says:

    moon: saya check kat peti ais saya tu, vitamin R tu dah habis arr. tinggal vitamin M(alas) je. hehehe
    zyfz: errrr.. sorry. ada plak yg terasa. hehehehee
    yazid: hehehe. nantilah aku panggil eric casa impian tu renovate rumah aku
    mayameera: mekasih… tak yah susah2…. tolong tgk dlm blog ni je pun takper. hak hak

  6. PiNaT says:

    cam rumah lama aku lak bentuknya.. mmmmmmm… :-/

  7. aries1981 says:

    I realized, I’ve been collecting so much things already. So if I get married, I don’t really have to buy much for the house. Hehehehe>>>bila tu? hehehe

    kotak2 double AA tu mesti kidnap from ur office kan? ;P

  8. Malique says:

    Banyoknyo baghe dio… sib baik ghumoh tu luah dih… pah nih boleh tamboh sikit-sikit tu… kasi elegan n comel.

  9. Imran says:

    pinat: hehehe. bentuk rumah sekarang cam seakan2 je.
    aries: yg betul. hehehe. kalau tak pun diaorg buang gak ms aries. baik saya ambik
    malique: dlm proses membeli barang nih malique. nanti rumah saya dah lawa sok sok saya jemputlah korang sumer datang

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