New iPod released and new iTunes 6.0

Uwaa!!! Only after 5 months that I get my 60GB iPod photo, Apple has come out with a newer version of iPod.

I want this! I want this! Oh man. This is just another saliva slurping toy that I want to get. Put iPod Nano aside as that one is no match with the size of MP3s that I have.

The major enhancement that this newer version of iPod have over the previous one is the capability of playing video files. So iPod is no longer only for MP3s. Just imagine you can put MP3s, Photos and Videos in this beatiful creature, and carry it with you wherever you go. And also, it’s thinner.

Ooohhh.. I want this one so much. Anyone wants to buy 60GB iPod photo and it’s still under warranty

And along with this, iTunes 6 is realeased also, mainly to support the video features that new iPod have. And also, iTunes Music Store offers Music Video, Movie Trailers and TV Shows shopping now.

Being an iPod user, you are stuck with using iTunes to transfer the songs to your iPod. But I like iTunes very much, and using it as my main music listening application way before I got iPod for myself.


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  1. korokmu says:

    sekarang apple dah keluarkan apple videeo, harga sama macam ipod photo.
    lebey kurang macam mp4 player la

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