I’ve been eyeing to get NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV for so long. And with my plan of moving from Full HD to Ultra HD / 4K, the thought of owning this that supports 4K display just getting juicier. Decided to buy from eBay instead because of the price difference of almost RM300 compared to those sold locally.

Luckily on eBay, the cheapest one that I found is from UK which is really perfect. I don’t have to worry about voltage as well as the pin of the power adapter since UK is using the exact same 3 pin plug like Malaysia. I can expect to receive my order by 23rd September. I rather wait than wasting RM300 if bought locally, which is sold out for now.

And from the RM300 saving that I made, I decided to get NVIDIA SHIELD Remote beforehand. Surprisingly, the one sold locally here is the cheapest that I found, sold for RM238 at lelong.com.my.

The nice thing about ordering from local online shop is for the next day delivery. I order this on 7th September, and the next day on 8th September, I got this in my hand already. Some of the photos from my unboxing below.

I was having a relaxing week last week since I take 3 days annual leave to get 9 days away from work (4 days of weekend + Monday and Friday public holiday). Not really going anyway, just staying at home relaxing when suddently I received a call from receptionist at my office that I got a parcel. She told me it’s quite big. It must be NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV that I ordered from eBay.

Despite from my day off, I stopped by at my office to get this parcel, all the way from UK. Damn. It’s quite heavy. I just can’t wait to get this package and the the box ripped opened. As usual, the photos from the unboxing that I did.


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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    so far compare dengan ps4, mana lebih ok ye im..

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