Official iPad 2 launch at Machines Mid Valley

Today it’s the day that Apple fanboys and girls in Malaysia is waiting for. It’s the day that Apple iPad 2 will be officially launched in Malaysia. I got my alarm clock set at 5:45am, and joined the queue at 6:50am, where they are about 30 people already in front of me. Maybe 20ish, but let just round it to 30.

At around 8:40am, the store’s lights are on. Now, the commotion is getting more intense, where everyone now is in standing up position, in the ready stance waiting for the shop to open.

Then the Machines’s staff are handing over goodies bag. From afar, I heard that the first 100 who are in line will receive this. With me being the 30th person, I will get this for sure.

Then the atmosphere is getting more intense. It’s time for you to secure the model that you want. What happened is, Machines staffs are walking with the cards in their hand of the stocks that they have for iPad 2 – one for each available color, model and size. I’m going for 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G (White) model.

By the time that they got to me, there are only 2 units of 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G (White) model left. Damn. I’m just so lucky to get what I’m looking for, or else I have to settle for bigger storage model (which they still have quite a few) for additional RM300.

Towards the end of my previous post, I did mentioned that I only plan to get the cheapest 16GB Wi-Fi only model. Then why I’m getting Wi-Fi + 3G model this morning? Here are the reasons.

  • Luckily I have come to know of this fact. iPad Wi-Fi only doesn’t have GPS chip – meaning you can’t use location feature. GPS is something that I like about iPhone last time to use apps like FourSquare or Places in Facebook. I really utilize GPS a lot in my life
  • It such a hassle to setup Wi-Fi hotspot on iPhone and connect iPad to it everytime
  • It still unknown when the next iPhone will be release and I will be using it again. I want my iPad to be connected all the time now
  • Digi Broadband Discover Day plan is only RM38 per month with 3GB quota. For this plan, the speed will be throttled to 128kbps after 7pm. It’s fine since by that time, I usually home already, and I can connect my iPad to the home Wi-Fi

So let’s look at the front of the queue. Noticed the guy in checkered shirt? Well, he’s the one that first got into the queue, and from what I heard he was there at 10pm last night, just before the store is closed.

At about 9:50am, Machines Mid Valley store is finally opened for business, and that received a big hand clapping from people in the queue. At this point, I think there are at least 200 people already in the queue.

Overall, the process gone pretty well. There are 4 counters available for collecting your iPad 2 and making payment. There’s a usual scene of people trying to bypass the queue, but since if you don’t have the card of the iPad model that you will buy, they are forced to join the queue since they guys with the order cards are placed at the back of the queue. Well done to the staffs of Machines Mid Valley for having this well organized.

At 10:41am, I am now official iPad 2 owner, after being in the queue for almost 4 hours, just 1 and half hour shy from the waiting time last time when I was getting iPhone 4.

When I got out from Machines, I was quite shocked to see that the line is getting even longer.

And while I’m taking this photo, I overheard the Machines’s staff making an announcement that white iPad for all models have been sold out, and only limited black models left. Bloody hell! Good luck everyone 🙂


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  1. Anif® says:

    Tahniah kerana menjadi antara pemilik terawal iPad 2 secara rasmi di Malaysia 🙂 You're so lucky!

    • Imran says:

      tnx bro 🙂
      actually nak post blog ni hari jumaat lepas. balik rumah, edit gambar siap2 dan copy ke dlm pen drive sebab lepas tu dah nak bertolak ke penang dah. keluar je dari kl, rasa cam nak menjerit sebab terlupa nak ambik USB drive. malas dah nak patah balik. huhu

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