My new Apple iPad 2

These are the 2 bags that I got from my 4-hour queue today of the Official iPad 2 launch at Machines Mid Valley.

Lets focus on the goodies bag first, that I got for being the first 100 in the line.

These are the contents of the bag. T-shirt. Nice. I keep getting t-shirt all the time, even for my iPhone last time, but none of them of my size. LOL

And for the next bag that I got today.

The white iPad 2 and the Blue Smart Cover, just what I want.

I’m really excited with the Smart Cover. The packaging is nice and very thin.

Finally, saving the best for last, iPad 2 is out of the box.

I have to admit that Smart Cover is really brilliant. I’ve seen Apple’s promotional videos of how it works, but the feeling is never the same until you try it yourself. The magnet auto-align to the body, and you will never get it wrong and it covers the front of iPad perfectly every time.

Smart cover does make me see iPad cases differently. While all of iPad cases out there really gives a very good protection, but it adds a lot of bulk to the device itself. The best way to enjoy iPad is to hold it barely in your hand.

Talking about protection, as I always mentioned for my other iDevice last time, you have to spend more for this. You will never appreciate your iPad if there are scratches on the screen or at the back of the aluminium back, which is really prone for scratches.

For the screen, like last time for my iPhone 3G and my iPhone 4, I kinda like the anti-glare screen protector from Power Support. I’m getting HD Anti-Glare Film for iPad 2 this time.

The front bit pretty much covered by Smart Cover. But what about the back? I have heard about invisibleSHIELD. There’s a new player in town – iDEFENSE. Works the same as invisibleSHIELD, but cheaper.

The body film alone is only RM79, but since I ask the shopper to fit it for me, there’s a small fee for this. This film is not like any other film for screen protector. It’s really thick and looks very durable.

There you go. I have my iPad 2 pretty much covered for scratch. I am now happily to carry around this everywhere without having any hard case or pouch that will cover the beauty of the iPad.

Apple iPad 2 = RM1899
Smart Cover = RM159
HD Anti-Glare film = RM123
iDefense Pro body coverage = RM90
Satisfaction of owning iPad 2 = Priceless


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  1. sharz says:

    bestnyer boleh dikatakan tiap2 bulan dapat gadget baru… bile la boleh dapat macam nie…huhu.. =p

  2. meowwmania says:

    hohh! dah beli??

    pinjammmmm ;p

  3. farhan yusof says:

    wahhhhh ipad 2 xD immmm nk dtg umh try blh?? hehehehe

  4. Fizz says:

    whoaa cun giler.. jeles giler.. hehe

  5. dak^penang says:

    nak jugak

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