Pantai Hillpark in memories

It's official that I'm out from Pantai Hillpark, and the cheque of my deposit return has cleared, so now, living in Pantai Hillpark is now in history. It is a memorable 3 years of my life here, building my life after I started work, through high and low times.

Being a person with high sentimental value (the trait that I realized during house moving process before), it's really incomplete without me taking some photos as a token of reminiscence.

This is the gate to Pantai Hillpark Phase 2, the gate that I passed though to and from work for the past 3 years.

On one boring and unproductive evening January 18th last year, I took this photo of Pantai Hillpark Phase 2 from my house on 14th floor.

On the left is just another ariel view of the swimming pool taken in front of the lift, and on the right is Phase 5 view taken from my bedroom's window.


So, how did I go to work from here? Living in Pantai Hillpark is pretty convinient for me to get to work at Mid Valley Megamall. Most of the time, I just call cab to office. Queing for cab? Whoaa.. It's really nightmare here. You can read all about it from this entry.

This is the place that I usually wait for the taxi after calling it.

But for the sake of taking photo, I will not take taxi to work today, but I will take bus instead. I don't know when I will be using this route again to office, so let's ride the 46D Rapid KL bus for the last time.

So this Pantai Hillpark bus stop. I purposely wait for the 46D bus to arrive before taking the photo. Hehehe

So here is my stop, Bangsar LRT station. The first orange booth under the stair is the booth that I regular went there for my usual morning "nasik lemak" treat. I'm so regular until I know the "makcik" that sell nasik lemak there, and I'm known to her to buy "nasi lemak" with 3 or 4 types of "lauk".

From Bangsar LRT station, there's this Triton free shuttle bus to Mid Valley. So can save that 90 sen to ride Rapid KL no 5 bus, or RM2 to take the cab from here to Mid Valley.

Back to my living at Pantai Hillpark, this is the latest block where my rented house is at (Block 7). I change block 3 times during my 3 years here. Why? I guess there will be another blog entry for this as the case is quite complicated.

And here are various photos that I took inside the house on the last night that I'm here, right before I met my old landlord to pass over all the keys and get back my deposit.



And I will definately miss this "kedai mamak", a very convinient place for me to get lunch or breakfast if I'm quite lazy to go eat outside.

Well, that's all about Pantai Hillpark. The rest will remains in my memory.


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5 Responses

  1. kuncup says:

    hi imran,
    kuncup baru tinggalkan imran beberapa minggu jer, macam2 dah terjadik~?? tau2 jer dah pindah umah plak.
    hmmm… its good that you snap some photos of yr old apartment, kuncup pon dapat tengok. aduh… ader swimming pool ruper nyer kat situ.
    so, how’s everything now~?? i hope you have settle down in yr new apartment comfortably….

  2. arianna adrizal says:

    feel like wanna cry pulak…. btw all da best k.

  3. Imran says:

    kuncup: tulah. semenjak dua menjak ni, too many things happened. kat rumah baru ni quite ok. finally i have the house just for myself, no more sharing. hehehe..

    arianna: tnx 😉

  4. misz cloudy says:

    been reading ur blog…best la baca..hampir2 ‘khatam’ dah ni…hehe… okeh..will drop by again….

  5. Imran says:

    hi misz clouudy. hehehe. rajinnya awak baca blog saya nih dah sampai nak khatam. anyway, tnx for visiting (and reading). really appericiate it a lot 😉

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