PTgui session again

I came across these few pictures on Funkur’s Network blog just now. Hhhmm. A series of pictures that can form a panoramic view.

It’s been a while since I last did my photo stitching in this entry, it will be good to use these series of pictures in PTgui thing again.

So, I imported the files into PTgui. Gotcha! These pictures were taken using Sony Ericsson K750i phone. I kinda envy the quality of the photo that this phone produced (compared to the photos snapped using my O2 Mini)

Put some setting, find control points, run optimizer, and walla, here is the result. Cuba cari perempuan bertudung dlm gambar di bawah. Ada gak ek perempuan yg pegi tengok bola.


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  1. woit says:

    pergh!!…. hebat hebat!!!… tepuk tepuk tepuk tepuk tepuk!!

  2. Imran says:

    woit: beb. thanks for the compliment (seraya mengangkat trofi yg diterima). hak hak

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