Ramadhan Buffet at Mc Donalds

Nice. Mc Donalds is offering Ramadhan buffet again this year. And the 24-hour Mc Donalds at Jalan Pahang, which is very close to my house is one of the restaurant that have this. It is a must go then.

Went there with my housemate as early as 6:00pm, to secure the parking. Kinda hard to get parking over there. Was given this sticker after that to be sticked on your shirt. The lower level still serving Mc Donalds to those who didn’t opt for buffet.

This is something that I don’t understand. If you had a buffet here, you have a choice of choosing free Spicy Chicken McDeluxe or Coutry Grilled Chicken Burger. Well. It’s buffet. It’s something that I can order this anytime in any number.

Well. This is our first round order.

At first I thought, how Mc Donald can make profit from this buffet thing when they only charge RM19.90 per person. But after a second though, ahhh yes…. They are indeed making profit out of it.

  • All servings are based on small set – small coke, small fries, small chicken porridge
  • RM19.90 is like you are have 3 small sets of value meal

From what I see, no one that had buffet today did went down to order more after they have finished what they got. It’s like they are only having 1 small set of value meal. And the spending is not close to RM19.90, where small set meal usually priced around RM8.

See. How clever McDonald’s marketing people is, of putting a very tempting price of RM19.90 for buffet, but in reality, it is not something that typical person can consume that much when talking about fast food meals. What about me? Well. My and my housemate did went for the second round of ordering.


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10 Responses

  1. Fizz Hazrai says:

    teringat laks fizz puasa last year… imran ada gakz makan camnie yek… McD

  2. Pisces says:

    hehehe.. is there any 3rd round..??

  3. Imran says:

    fizz: ha ah. tahun lepas pun saya ada pegi gak mcdonalds nyer buffet tu
    pisces: huhuhu. tak larat nak 3rd round. time tu rasa muak giler. kalau sumbat lagi, boleh kuar balik rasanya apa yg dah dimakan tadi. hehehe

  4. maggot says:

    time nie paling senang nak con orang untuk belanja lebih dari apa yang patut. dah la makan burger, air coke.. fries.. how much can u eat before u feel full?

    i can have 2 big macs la.. but after that jadi ular sawa.. so my comment is, mcdonald’s dah berjaya con ramai orang seperti u.


  5. theSTRANGER says:


    i went there last week..

    aiyoo.. x larat nk makan sih!! hikss… lepas tuh terus jer muak nk makan mcD…

    u olss ada incident org nk bwk blk x?? i punya member siap nk seludup masuk dlm hand bag lagik.. nasib baik ler ubah fikiran.. kalu idak malu jer kena tahan kt dpn pintu mcD tuh coz ada yg duk check hand bag n bag yg kita bawak.. aiyoo..

    kedekutt kan??? alala.. ops**

  6. Imran says:

    maggot: memang. lepas tu rasa cam dah tak boleh makan mcD selama sebulan
    thestranger: oh. dia memang check ke? saya hari tu adalah seludup gak. nugget ngan banana pie letak dlm poket suar.

  7. aarin says:

    saya tak tahulah McD ader buat buffet cam nie, tapi difikirkan mmg tak berbaloi pun

  8. newbieguide says:

    is mcdonald doing buffet again in yr 2009?

  9. frz says:

    pernah ada pengalaman mkn buffet mcD, tapi semua burger dia, saya makan isi burger sahaja, roti saya buang tepi, rasa berbaloi sungguh2 jugak lah sbb saya bedal 5 fillet & 4 burger sampingan lain, fries, pie, ice-cream. Seminggu, 2 kali kunjung

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