Shopping at Ikea

Last week, 1 of my friend SMS me and another one of my friend told me on Yahoo Messenger that Ikea is having sales now. Lots of stuffs are under discount. I get to know that sometimes Sunday last week. It’s kinda rush to go that time, so I went to Ikea today instead, just nice as this is the last day that Ikea is having the sales.

Believe or not, this is the third time that I went to Ikea in the last 2 months. I guess Ikea is the place where you can get good quality and elegant furnitures and apppliances at the price that you can afford.

So today, I get a few colourful pillows for my sofa, carpet for the living room, rug to be put under dining table (not planned, but after looking the discount from RM365 to RM195, I get it without question), rack for my DVD collection, computer CPU holder, table to put in kitchen (to put microwave oven, rice cooker, water heater on) and a few other tiny miny things.

After getting all those stuffs at the collection area, and before went to the checkout counter, sit for a while as I’m already panting from the lifting those heavy boxes.

So, all the goods have been paid, and ready to be loaded into my friend’s car (thanks buddy)

I told Moon last Friday that I will be doing the third phase of house tidying up this weekend. But looking at those new things that I just bought below, guess has to postponed it again to the next weekend. Weekdays is just so tiring to do it.

My oh my. It’s been 2 months already that I live at my new house, but the look is not much different from the the last look that I took photograph. So “malas” arr. Guess I should hire interior designer to do it all for me.


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7 Responses

  1. moon says:

    rumah blom kemas, lagi mau beli barang…wahh liao… 🙂

  2. Bta says:

    wei..naper tagboard ko takleh guna kat pc nih??aiyoo…

  3. Imran says:

    hahaha moon. saja je beli sementara offer nih. bila ler plak ikea nak wat offer lagi.

  4. acik ila says:

    bila dah siap kemas.. amik gambar pastu pastekan kat blog ya… kita pun nak nengok gak 😀

  5. aries1981 says:

    wah..wah..banyaknye shopping..boleh masuk geng ms aries ni! ;p

  6. zaif says:

    panggil je eric casa impian tu.. sehari je leh settle kemas umah ko tu.. hikhikhik..

  7. Azalea Dz says:

    beshnye shopping kat ikea..lama x tengok goodies kat sana..

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