Sony MDR-NC500D

Gggrrrr! How I am so wanting this to replace my Philips SBC HN110 Active noise cancelling headphone.

Sony claims that this one can reduce nearly 99% of ambient noise whilst maintaining crystal-clear audio output. Just imagine I have this on while I’m on car / train / plane. My previous one can cancel only about 75% of ambient noise, and I feel it so great already. Just imagine if 99% of that is canceled.

The in-built Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) software engine uses a digitial filter to actively remove ambient noise. Basically it scans the user’s ambient surroundings noise and counters it with an inverted signal which effectively reduces almost all ambient noise.

In addition to the ‘AI Mode’ which automatically optimize the noise canceling effect, there are 3 present modes for airline travelers, train commuters and office environment. The MDR-NC500D also features a monitor switch that allows users to temporarily hear the surrounding sounds without removing their headphones, useful for a quick chat with a friend.

Isn’t that cool?

RRP at RM1499 – too pricey for a headphone right? But I want it so bad. More stories about the launch of this in Malaysia here.


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4 Responses

  1. zaffVader says:

    wow.. murahnyer

  2. amirahsyuhada says:

    ish tapi best tuhhh..tapi kalau bawa keta bleh ke? nanti tak dengar orang hon..hehe

  3. raden putra says:

    woh! dekat sama harga dgn bose qc3 kan? compare dua2 tu mana besh?

  4. Imran says:

    zaffVader: kan! jom kita beli dua belas

    amirah: hehe. saya duk sebelah je. org lain yg bawak

    raden: hhmm. bose QC3 tu cam best gak. byk acessories. tapi dia on ear. senak tulang telinga lama2. yg sony tu around ear. tapi yg bose tu tak cakap plak berapa % yg dia leh reduce

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