Starting Jigsaw Project 3

Guess what! My jigsaw puzzle solving craze is back. Bought a new one at Jigsaw World, Times Square last Sunday. Below is the new jigsaw puzzle that I bought.

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This time it’s more challenging. My Penang friend also bought the same one and we are competing between us to see who can finish the puzzle first.

Anyway, my friend has MMS his progress this afternoon. Wah! This can’t be it. I even not started yet but he already 30% finished.

So tonight, I collected all the aura there is, and start opening the new puzzle. So here is what we have in the box.

I opened the plastic bag containing the puzzle pieces. And here are them, ready to get started.

So, the first thing to finish is the outer rim of the whole puzzle, since this is the easiet to do. Just find the pieces that have straight line cutting, and you know they are meant for the 4 edges. Then assemble them together, and you have

Then separate the pieces by colour, and it’s easy to do the distinct object first. So I finish up the characters part first, and leave the sky and grass for later. Below is my progress as at 12:28am just now.

Kinda sleepy now. I will continue tomorrow. Can’t wait to get this one finished ^_^


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  1. aries1981 says:

    rajin awak ek? jarang guys buat benda2 cam ni! i bet imran ni, mesti penyabar org nye! am i rite?

  2. Imran says:

    hi aries. hehehe. bukan apa. rasa seronok plak wat jigsaw nih. pasal penyabar tu, rasanya my job train me to be seorg yg sgt penyabar.

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