Thailand TOM Training – Day 4

It’s 4th day of the training. I moved to a new topic today – which is tabulation. Things went pretty well, which I finished presenting all the topics for the day rather quick. The same as the previous days, let’s not talk about work here. Let’s talk about food instead.

After lunch, we did pass this.

It turned out that he’s selling coconut ice-cream. So Saaree, the DP Manager here treats me to coconut ice-cream.

Yummy. Guess how much this costs? It’s THB20. That’s around RM2.07. Pretty cheap.

Finding food here is not a problem at all. If I fancy Thai food, there’s this Muslim restaurant just around the corner. That time, when I was there, there are these 2 gentlemen from Malaysia having lunch there too. The thing about Malaysians when we met abroad, we never talk to each other. Been noticing that long time ago every time I met Malaysian whenever I travel. LOL

Anyway in Thailand, owning a C-Band satellite dish is legal here. I saw plenty on the roof of building here, which were installed privately. With this, you will be able to receive free satellite TV programs from all over the world.

It’s illegal to install one in Malaysia. If Water and Communications Ministry knows that you have one, they will come to knock it down. So I guess we will just have to stick to KU-Band satellite dish that Astro is using, which suffers a severe rain fade problem. Sigh!


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