Thailand TOM Training – Day 3

There’s actually no training today, as it’s a public Holiday for Thailand due to H.M. Queen’s Birthday, which also marks the Mother’s Day in Thailand. To start off the morning, I take longer breakfast today, and I’ve been trying this almost every morning – very sweet special “Thai Mango” or locals called “Ma-muang Nam Dok Mai”.

I just feel so lazy today, and just decided to stay at hotel, resting. What’s good is, this hotel has a selection of movies that you can rent for free. I can borrow 2 movies every time, and once finished watching, I can return it, and borrow 2 more movies.

As a start, I borrow Ghost and Resident Evil Extinction. Ghost is very classic and really love the story.

Hey, they have Akademi Fantasia in Thailand too, and they are at season 6.

It feels so good resting all day long today.


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