Thailand TOM Training – Day 2

It’s the end of the second day of training. So Sastra is bringing me around Bangkok again tonight, this time to the central of Bangkok. Traffic here is as bad as Malaysia after office hour, so cab is not a good option. BTS SkyTrain here is the choice, and it’s really really packed after office hour.

So here’s the stop for tonight, Siam station.

And there’s this long Sky Walk, connecting several shopping complexes around this area. It’s called Sky Walk as this is an elevated pathway for pedestrian. A good concept though as we won’t be bother with massive traffic below. Love to see we have this at Bukit Bintang area.

So my destination is Central World Plaze. Phew. It’s 10 mins walk on the Sky Walk from Siam station. There’s this cultural show at their concourse, so I spent about 15 mins there watching it.

Then I walked the are for about 1 hour or so, then I’m headed back to hotel. Kinda tired.


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