Thailand TOM Training – Day 1

First day of the training. There are 8 of my trainees altogether, where 1 decided not to attend since she didn’t really finish the foundation training yet. Finding the Thailand office is not that hard. Thanks for Google Map 😉 Same as Malaysia office, which is at Mid Valley, Thailand office is in the middle of the city too. So there are quite a number of interesting things around.

The training for the first day is quite well. All of my trainees seems able to understand the concept of data management in Dimensions. After all, all of them are experienced DP personnel, and it should be easy for them to digest this. Let’s not talk much about the training. It’s boring stuffs to talk about. LOL

Anyway, after lunch, Sastra treats me to iced tea. This kind of stalls selling drinks are all over Bangkok. You can get coffee, tea or milo here.

I guess this is the Bangkok version of the drink seller, where in Malaysia, we have this. It’s quite fun to see how different culture to things differently.

Anyway, after work, Sastra bring me around to Pat Pong area. I’m just too lazy to take my camera out, so no photos from my Pat Pong visit. Ping Pong show? Plenty of people offered me here. Just Google yourself to find out what it is 😉


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  1. marts says:

    Woo…dah jadi trainer pulak. Hari tu gi Bulgaria trainee. Naik pangkat dah.

  2. Imran says:

    ahakz. dah lama jadik trainer dah. yg pegi bulgaria tu belajar benda baru. tu yg jadik trainee tu

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