The quest of finding new house

First thing to do on Saturday is to go to the management office about my water bills. My monthly water bill is usually around RM25 – RM29. But last month, the amount for the bill is RM45. And this month, the bill amount is RM63. It can’t be that me and my housemate are using that much of water. It’s like triple the usual amount.

After the officer there check on the meter reading, the reading is correct. Anyway, there was this one time where my water bill is RM100+. Luckily it’s the wrong reading. So I ask them what’s the problem then. They said probably it is due to leaking.

Ah never mind. It’s my last two months here before I get out from this house. My contract is due soon (end of January to be exact). Calling the plumber to do checking means money needs to be spent, and how sure are you the landlord will pay for the plumber fee?

Speaking of moving out from this house, I have an appointment today to look at the new apartment that I will rent next at Bayu Tasik Condominium, Bandar Tasik Permaisuri. The rental is quite cheap around here. Just with an extra RM150 from the current rental that I paid for my master bedroom at Pantai Hillpark, I can rent the whole house here at Bayu Tasik Condo.

Look at the house. It’s perfect.

  • Master bedroom has aircond (that’s important).
  • Phone line is under Telekom, and now I can have Streamyx installed at home.
  • Astro is centralized, meaning I don’t have to pay RM100 to install the satellite dish, and no drilling required to the building.
  • The area has quite a nice landscape.
  • Dobi, mini market, barber are all inside this area.

Too bad that I can only get for from my current house in mid January. Hopefully it’s still available by then. But the agent told me that she will talk with the landlord first. Perhaps I can pay booking fee or something.

After that, went to One Utama to buy an Xbox accessories. Anyway, yesterday, I went to this game shop at Mid Valley, mailing to exchange the defect PS2 game that cannot load. While I’m there, I just ask whether they have Xbox High Defintion AV Pack.

Anyway, you use this so that Xbox output high definition audio and video from Xbox. It has component video output (Red, Green and Blue video component are output seperately). My TV has component video input. Also this pack has optical audio output, so that I can hook up my Xbox to my home theatre system, and I can have stunning audio when playing games that use Dolby Technology.

My Playstation 2 didn’t give this much problem since optical audio jack is already built in the unit.

Anyway, that man said that I can some to his another shop at One Utama tomorrow as he have what I need there.

Fine. So here I am today at One Utama. But, oh what a crap, as soon as I reached there, with his innocence face telling me to come tomorrow as he don’t have it yet. What the….

Decided to go home right away after that. Feel sleep after all when I saw this booth selling jigsaw puzzle. Why not buy a new one since my Jigsaw Project 3 nearly finished.

This time, I’m moving away from Disney characters, and get the following instead.

Went home and sleep until 10pm. Woke up after that and get ready for tonight movie. Going to cinema to watch Zathura.


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