Watching Lady In The Water

I just came back from watching Lady In The Water movie at GSC Mid Valley.

At first, I thought this is going to be another boring heavy movie, but only after 10 mins the movie starts, one after another interesting events take place in the movie. I have to say this is just another great epic from M. Night Shyamalan.

It’s about a character from bedtime story who is trying to find a way back home. And in a typical bedtime story, there are good characters and evil characters. The evil characters in this story is really scary, and there are a few scenes that makes you jump out of your seat. A must watch I must say.

And again, thanks to Mr Farihad for the free tickets. I’ve been watching a numbers of free movies already, courtesy of him give me a free ticket from Poseidon to Superman to Pirates of the Caribean to Dorm. Thanks man 😉


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