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Oh dear. How I miss my blog so much. And for those of you who keeps coming here to see a new post, a thousand apologees. And also to those who left comment or left message on TagMe!, a thousand apologees too since I still didn’t have change to reply all of the messages.

It’s been a real busy month for me. With my last entry dated 5th of March, that is actually the point where I got really busy. Let treats Sunday 4th March is the first week of March.

First week of March
There’s a training to be held in Malaysia office, and I am the trainer. You can imagine how busy I’m getting ready for this – preparing slides, preparing training materials, preparing exercises and doing my own homework too so that I’m 100% prepared for what I’m about to teach others.

Second week of March
There’s a continuation of my last week’s training, and this time, is on more advanced stuffs. Gleen Tweedie from Australia office came down to Malaysia to give the training. There will be a seperate blog entry about this training, once I got all the photos that my boss took using her digital camera. I didn’t bring my digital camera for the whole training session. Huhuhu

Third week of March
My big boss from Hong Kong, Howard and Madhava from London office came down to Malaysia for a kick off meeting on one of the multi country project. Believe me, the I kept yawning thorough out the meeting sessions. It’s really tiring. I feel my brain paralyzed already, and can’t think properly. I’m so exhausted. My part in this project is quite big.

Firth week on March
There’s Dimension server training in London, and my big boss sent me there. There was a similar training last time in US, which I insist not going. Someone from Muslim country entering USA? I guess getting the visa is really hard, and that’s the reason someone else was sent last time. But according to the person who went there, US being so protective and stingy of passing the knowledge, and he came back empty handed, without knowing on what is really going on. I guess I didn’t face the same fate. But UK people ok I guess. With me being in London, got to meet all those people that were in that multi country project that I mentioned earlier. Arrgghhh. This will be anoter tiring week for me – 3 days training, and 1 day meeting all those poeple in London office working on that project.

I hate flying anyway, with the fact that, it’s not for holiday. I always feel this travelling fatique – me worrying of whether I have all items packed, sleepless night worrying I might overslept and have to rush to the airport.

Anyway, I have all the important items lined up on my table. Money that I made travel advance from my company, e-ticket and passport. If I happen to forget of not taking any of these 3 items, I’m doomed.

As usual, whenever someone needs to travel, the finance surely give the coins one for us to spend at the originating country. As you know, coins are not accepted any any of foreign currency excange. So, when they knowing someone going somewhere oversea, those finance people surely will dig their petty cash to find all the foreign currency that they have, and give to the person that will do the oversea travelling as part of the claim made.

Gosh. It’s been ages I didn’t see Britain’s coins. Anyway, from left to right are the coins of the following denomition: £2 -> £1 -> 50 pence -> 20 pence -> 10 pence -> 5 pence -> 2 pence -> 1 pence

And what will add the fatique is, there’s no more direct flight available. My office’s secretacy check all – MAS, Singapore Airline, Cathay Pacific – none to avail. And the best that she can get is Thai Airways connecting flight to London transit at Bangkok airport.

Oh no. My flight outbound to LON has to transit at Bangkok for nearly 5 hours. Sob! Sob!

Well, I’m going to get a little nap now. Going to wake up again around 2am, and get ready to KLIA. I prefer to be 3 hours earlier there at airport before my departure time. Check in counter sometimes tend to be very pack, and I have when have to do things in rush, like running to the depature hall due to the gate is almost closed.


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  1. SempoiSerius says:

    wei nko pegi UK tak cakap..aku nak kirim coklat thornton wei…..apa la nko ni me’re..

    amacam banyak tak UK berubah?…letak la gambau wei

  2. AceOne118 says:

    Hang ni terrer la!

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