Fast breaking at Mid Valley

With the fact that I’m working at Mid Valley area, and the megamall is just down my office, I feel wierd that there is not even a single time that I break fast here. So, just decided that I will break fast here, as well as doing several other things

  • Break fast
  • Pay “zakat fitrah”
  • Buy “biskut raya” for mum
  • Shopping a little at Carrefour

I feel like having pizza today. So the place to break fast has been decided. Went to Pizza Hut. I’m having Sate Supreme Combo.

Now, I want you to pay a very close attention to the look of the pizza depicted in the menu. I mean it. Pay a very close attention.

Now, pay an even closer attention to the photo below. This is the pizza that I get from the order. Talking about WYSINWYG (What You See Is Not What You Get).

Anyway, here are the meals for today. And my extra order will be that Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings. That is a must order every time I visit Pizza Hut.

Next stop is, paying “zakat fitrah”. Too bad that the “amil” has left already. Furthermore he has to do terawikh tonight. Guess I’ll come earlier some other day.

That leaves me doing the final task for today, getting “biskut raya” for my mum. Quite many to choose from, but not as many as that I can see at other Jusco.


After browsing a while, I don’t feel like buying today yet. I’m thinking of going to other Jusco. Furthermore, I guess I’ll wait for the government worker to get their early salary. This time where zillions of people will start the shopping for hari raya, and this is when it is fun to do shopping my self with that kind of ambience.

It’s another double celebration again this year, there Deepavali and Hari Raya is just 3 days apart. So it’s another “Deepa-Raya” this year. Mid Valley has put up decoration for Deepavali celebration,

as well as decoration for Hari Raya.


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3 Responses

  1. Pisces says:

    selalu tgk iklan pizza hut tu kat suratkhabar.. nampak mmg menggoda.. tapi bila tgk aper yg imran mkn, emm.. kensell ler..

    lawanyer deco utk deeparaya tue.. tapi kenapa raya nyer stage kosong jerk..

  2. fuMyLuv says:

    omg!!! rindu gile kat midvalllleeyyy!!
    especially ikan pari oasis.. grrr~!
    owh btw, hye~!!

  3. Imran says:

    pisces: raya nyer stage time tu takde show lagi. kasik laluan kat deepavali dulu. hehehe
    fumyluv: yes indeed. ikan pari oasis tu dah cam jadik trademark dtg ke mid valley plak. hak hak

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