The most happening Buka Puasa this year

My penang friends are in KL again. Guess it’s a good time to have big buffet fast breaking. Thanks to the buffet list that I got and post here last time. Finding the place to do buffet is easy. Me and Alimin browsing through the list, and finally, we selected Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa. Managed to gather 18 of us for the buffet today.

RM30 per person. I’m scared due to the so called budget control that I have for this year.

Anyway, this is my first time here. It’s kinda shock me that this place is quite happenning, and there are hundred of people, where the food that they offer isn’t that variety. I guess maybe it’s the venue, where this place is surrounded by the Titiwangsa Lake.

With this much people at the buffet, fight for the food is quite fierce. With long queue, it is rather dissapointed when it’s your turn to take the food, most of the things are finished. And it takes a while before they are refilled again.

But things that are always available is this raw seafood and vegetables. Since rice, fried me and other dished is hardly available, we end up having load and loads of prawns.


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