Final preparation for Aidilfitri 1427H in KL

Without you knowing, there is another week before Hari Raya Aidilfitri for this year. My flight back to Kelantan will be this Saturday. Let’s finish the unfinished business before my “balik kampung” today, and I can see this week will the the hectic one workwise.

First thing, pay “Zakat Fitrah” that I didn’t have a chance doing it last time. It is really convinient for Mid Valley to provide this service.

The rate for this year is RM4.70. It didn’t take long. I made the “niat”, and pay the money.

Then, went to Jusco, and got few “biskut raya” for my mum.

After I break my fast, I went to somewhere near my house to get litte something for my nephews and nieces. Like in previous year, my return to “kampung” is really awaited by them, mainly due for these things. LOL.

On this night also, I went to my brother’s house in Kajang. He will be back to Kelantan this Wednesday by car. At least, my luggage won’t be that heavy for the check in from the weight of biskut raya. And that little something for nephews and nieces is stricly forbidden to be checked in.


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  1. affy says:

    Ore kelate jugok ke… what a coincidence… me goin back by flight too… and had to transport some of the bunga api n crackers with my bro’s car….

  2. Imran says:

    hi affy. ha ah. kawe ore kelate gok 😀 selamat hari raya ko demo

  3. mr.eims says:

    Selamat Hari raya….. =) Maaf zahir batin…

    ako balik kelantan , drive…. tomoro night… aiyal.. ishk2…

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    wahhhh…rinduuuuu kat bunga raya n mercunnnn…hehe

  5. kuncup says:

    hmmm… how thoughtful of you~!!!
    your mum must be very happy with all those cookies that you bought for her, and not to mention your nephews and nieces… i can imagine how they’ll jump up and down seeing those goodies… *smile*

    raser cam nak join sekaki jer main mercun tu…

  6. kuncup says:

    alamak terluper plak…
    Selamat Hari Raya Imran…
    enjoy your hari raya kat kampung tu ek.. jgn luper ambik gambar kat kampung bebanyak.. wat entry nanti.

    kuncup takder kampung *sedih*
    sob.. sob…

  7. aiMie says:

    huhuhu 1 juta rakyat kelantan dari luar mula membanjiri bandar….jammed…jammed….

  8. AceOne says:

    Fuiyohhh, hang banyak beli kuih balik kampung!! Member banyak kot !!

  9. Danie Simpleton says:


    Hehheeh. just want to say this.

    You know the second picture where you salamed the imam right..

    my head automatically captioned:

    “Aku timer nikah nya *insert nama awek here* dengan mas kawen bla bla bla”

    hehehe. Nice cookies btw.

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