Fermentation started at last

Yay! My CO2 system has finally supplying CO2 bubbles to my tank. Yesterday, I’m really eager to go back home, to see how my CO2 system is. I’m kinda dissapointed and worry that time since I can’t see any bubbles being produced yet, fearing the yeasts are dead while I’m preparing the mixture.

But when I woke up this morning, I’m glad to see that finally co2 bubbles are moving in the reactor. I guess the keyword here is PATIENCE.

But at first, the bubbles didn’t move smoothly. Until a point, it stop there, and 2 to 3 bubbles will arrive at the same point, merging to be a larger bubble, then only it starts move really fast. It’s a waste actually due to only a little are dissolved into the water, and the most of it escaped to the surface.

I remember reading from forum of the person that is using the same thing as mine. The tip is to tilt the reactor a bit. I’ve done that, and the bubbles move smoothly and slowly after that.

I can’t stop staring at those bubbles rising to the top of the reactor. It looks so beautiful

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