Garfield that eats Friskies

I just don’t understand that some people, when they are done with keeping cats as a pet, and no longer want them, they just simply dump them. And that’s what happened right at the block where I lived.

About a week ago, my housemate spotted a lady, came down from the stairs that leads to the roof, walking aimlessly and in panic to the lift, when suddenly a cat appeared following her. My housemate went into the house after that not knowing what happened to the lady and the cat.

I realize the cat was out there too, and my housemate started to tell me the thing that he saw. It’s a house cat, complete with a collar that the previous owner put on. I don’t really say that the cat is lost, as it’s been out there for 1 week. I didn’t see any missing cat notice pasted at the lift.

Anyway, it’s a male cat. The photo below is a proof that he’s a male.

I guess being out there for the whole week, the cat must be really hungry. Yes he is. Making a loud noise, and everytime I’m home, he just running quickly inside my house. I feel pity for him, and bought went out to buy Friskies.

Yes. He is really hungry. I kept feeding him until he stops eating,

and bring him to the toilet for a quick drink.

I then release the cat outside again, fearing that it is a lost cat and just afraid that the owner is still searching for him. But nope. 3 days later, the cat still out there, and I keep giving him Friskies to eat, until he just staying in front of my door everytime I put him outside.

It seems that this cat is really thrown away by the owner, but thrown at different floor of the building? How inhuman. At least throw him away at places with many food sources, like wet market (which is really close from the apartment where I live).

I feel like keeping the cat temporarily inside my house since he’s making a mess outside, shitting at the rain drain hole outside.

Well, I have to keep an eye on him, since he has a lot of interest to my aquarium fish. And this is him, caught red handed.

Anyway, at home, I really like to be in my room, playing my computer with air conditioner on. The cat followed my into the room. I left him play around alone in the room, while I’m busy at my computer, when suddenly I realize the cat is gone. After searching, there he is, between the blanket and the pillow. Hehehe. I guess he can’t stand the cold from the air conditioner.

Anyway, after that, he went out from there, and start playing and lying around next to my feet under my computer table. After a short while, he just fell asleep there.


Edited 29th Nov 2006, 12:07pm
I will keep this cat for a while. I found it’s hard to keep a cat at my house, with me not being at home most of the time, and sometimes away from KL during weekend. Let’s give it a try first, and if I found that it is really hard for me to keep him, I’ll hand him over to SPCA or something.

So, anyone interest in adopting this cat? I’m serious. If you want this cat, I will give it to you, together with the remaining of the Friskies that the cat doesn’t eat.

He’s really a nice cat, and has been toilet trained. I never have litter box before. On the first night that I had him inside my house, I fear that he will shit everywhere. When I woke up the next morning, it came to my suprise that he shit inside the toilet, next to the drain hole. Really easy for me to clean it out.

Added 29th Nov 2006, 12:07pm
I’ve made up my mind. I won’t giving away this cat. I will keep the cat after I gave a long thought. Welcome to my new housemate!


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. AceOne says:

    I think the cat likes you alot. Why not you keep it yourself?

  2. moon says:

    owh owh..saya amat tidak sukakan kucing…maafkan saya..haha. Eww geli lah! But it’s a nice thing for you to do that imran. The cat must have been really grateful to you.

  3. Imran says:

    aceone: i’ve made up my mind dah. i will keep the pet 😉

    moon: hehehe.. moon cam adik saya plak. geli ngan kucing. anyway, kecik2 dulu saya minat giler ngan kucing. besar2 nih, nak berjinak2 baliklah ngan kucing

  4. martsieus says:

    Imre, glad u have found a new pet. Tapi if u think the cat is too much for your responsibility, better hantar ke SPCA. But I know u won’t.

    BTW, orang kata bela binatang ni dibalas dengan rezeki oleh Allah nanti sbb kita tolong binatang, and binatang ni pun grateful and doakan kita sbb bela dia.

    The cat seems like a trained cat to me. U just have to train him to be a better cat, that’s all. And be patient kalau ada benda2 yg dia buat mcm nakal, jatuhkan barang, spraying(that’s bila dia in the heat) or marking his territory, vomitting hairball ke, etc.Kadang2 kalau dia berak selain tpt litter dia, samada pasir tu dia tak suka atau too wet.

    Believe me, the cat will provide u with plenty of joy and happiness, like a therapy. U gonna miss him when u are away. If u need to ask anything, feel free ok.

    I think siapa2 yg buang kucing tu mmg inhumane, mcm nak membunuh sahaja.


  5. martsieus says:

    By the way kan Imre,

    Dah fikir nak namakan apa kucing tu?

    Maybe u should run a poll here.

    He he he….

  6. Anonymous says:

    Animal can sense it when a person is a loving type. Mgkn dah rezeki sedara agaknya..Baru je nak mintak. I Love cat. Just look at telinga kucing tu..bersih je kan? Anyway, I have 2 cats, called Yayau and Soffy. Ada kucing seronok tauuu!

  7. moon says:

    kasik dia nama Catman ahahahaah…terpengaruh cerita Cicak-man ni..

  8. meera says:

    Im… terharu baca citer Im ni… saya ni memang sayang kucing, tak tahan dengar orang sanggup buang kucing, sedih…

  9. Budiey says:

    comel n cute lah kucing nih….

  10. Raden Putra says:

    sebab kucing ni mysterious dan jantan dan ko minat ff series, aku suggest nama dia ‘vincent valentine’. gitu.

  11. Imran says:

    mart: tu lah mart… tak tahu nak kasik nama apa lagi. isk.. nih baru nama kucing. nama anak besok camner agaknya

    anonymous: alhamdulillah.. sebab dah lama terniat nak bela kucing. selalu ingat nak pegi SPCA adopt, atau pegi pet shop. alih2, kucing tu dtg sendiri ke rumah. anyway, kucing tu nampak bersih, mesti previous owner take a good care of him. yg saya musykil ni, apsal dia buang plak. isk…

    moon: tak nak arr. nanti producer catwoman sue. hehehehe

    meera: hehehe. sapa tak tahu meera ni pencinta kucing (meera memang pencinta kucingggggg – sebut sengau2 sket)

    raden putra: hahaha… tapi macam betul je kut. kucing aku tuh nocturnal sket. siang hari tido je keje.. dah malam, time tulah dia duk ligat dlm rumah. cam vincent si vampire tu..

  12. hayad says:

    comey kucen ni. Bgs awak je yg bela 😉

  13. ella says:

    alhamdulillah, baiknya awak sebab yuou have decided to keep the cat. i think he was praying very hard to get your heart. Hard to train cat to use toilet but he did that. i have 28 cats but none of them know how to use toilet. Mesti ada rezeki yang Allah beikan sebab awak dah menjaga makhluk ciptaanNya. Amin

  14. meiling says:

    hi, my company a photography studio looking for a ‘friskies’ cat for a shoot. will u be interested? where r u located? plz contact me


    meiling 017 622 4060

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